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Ocracoke Island NC – Tourism, Travel, and Visitors Information

We want this to be an ongoing discussion forum on Ocracoke Island NC which sits along the southern Outer Banks just north of Portsmouth Island and south of Cape Hatteras.

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Discussions and questions we’d love to hear about is the passenger and car ferry locations to this island, things to do and see, lighthouse tour information, the availability of motels and hotels, RV parks, and campgrounds, beach fishing and recreational fishing, restaurants and shopping, private boat access points and boat ramps, entertainment in the local area, great bars and pubs to visit, places to hear live music, specific landmarks to see when vacationing in the area, wildlife refuges and state parks, and anything else tourism related someone planning travel or vacation to this area might like to know.

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Please use the no registration discussion form located at the bottom of this page to have ongoing discussions about anything related to Ocracoke Island NC on the Outer Banks.

Island family vacation guide
Southern Outer Banks Location

Demographics and Data

  • Located at 35.124654, -75.925597 (Longitude and Latitude)
  • Sits to the southwest of Cape Hatteras and northeast of Portsmouth Island.
  • Ferry service from Swan Quarter, Cedar Island, and Cape Hatteras.
  • Highway 12 serves the entire island.
  • This local area serves as a year-round vacation destination for visitors, along with being a popular inshore fishing and offshore fishing location, and well-known place to take diving charters to area shipwrecks.
  • There is one general aviation airport on the island which does not have commercial airline service.
  • This local area is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes in the summer and fall months.
  • Located in Hyde County.

Island Family Vacation Discussions

Again, for the questions below, please use the discussion form at the bottom of this page to respond.

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We know there are several designated campgrounds on the island, but which ones did you visit and recommend to others? Do any offer facilities for taking showers? Are there any RV parks in this area?

For someone interested in the lighthouse, what hours of the day are tours operational? It should be known that the Ocracoke Lighthouse is the only one on the NC coast not open to climbing.

Visiting The Outer Banks Coastal Locations

What are some well known historical landmarks in this community?

What specific motels and hotels are located on the island which you recommend?

We do know that beach fishing is very popular in this local area, but what types of fish can one expect in this area? Are there any piers for fishing?

What are some notable seafood restaurants in this community? Are these restaurants only open in the spring, summer, and early fall months?

Considering nightlife, what are some notable bars where people can find entertainment like live music?

Are there any special permits for driving an all terrain vehicle on the beaches? If so, where does someone get this permit?

County Tourism

Tell us about shopping in this local area.

Are there any beaches which are lifeguard protected? Does the designated camping areas offer lifeguard protections?

Are there any wildlife refuges or state parks located in this community?

Ferry Service To The Local Area

There are 3 places which one can catch a passenger or car ferry to Ocracoke Island, one in Swan Quarter, one in Cedar Island, and another from Cape Hatteras. However, it should be noted these ferry boats have different schedules for different times of the year. Please call (800) 293-3779 to inquire about schedules, reservations, and cost to ride.

What does a visitor to this island need to know about riding either a passenger ferry or car ferry? Are all pet friendly?

What is other information about Ocracoke Island NC someone should know before planning a family vacation to this part of the Outer Banks which we did not address in this article?

Driving Information

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