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Offshore Charter Fishing Boats in Morehead City NC – By The Half Day or Full

Information on Offshore charter fishing boats in Morehead City NC continues after the video. As with all of our Carteret County articles, comments and discussions about this topic are encouraged at the bottom of this article.

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Morehead City is a mecca for offshore big game sport fishing and inshore recreational fishing, and thus no shortage of fishing charters available in the area. Whether fishing for big game fish like tarpon, white marlin, blue marlin, or swordfish, waters near the warm gulf stream waters are easily reached from many destinations in Carteret County.

If your taste of fishing is more for small fish like dolphin, tuna, mahi mahi, redfish, and speckled trout, then Carteret County fishing charters offer great opportunities as well.

What makes the area so unique is the abundance of shipwrecks that dot the Crystal Coast which is a haven for small and large fish. Another factor is that the warm gulf stream waters are a mere 40-45 miles from Morehead City by boat making half day and full day charters possible.

Carteret County NC
Big Rock Fishing Tournament
It is impossible to talk about offshore fishing without mentioning the Big Rock Fishing Tournament that takes place each year which attracts fisherman from all over the world who vie for the largest allusive blue marlin and other sport fish. This tournament attracts over 150 boats from around the world, with many being local charter fishing boats and captains.

Morehead City NC places of interest
Now it is your opportunity to tell us your thought on this matter. Which offshore charter fishing boats based in Morehead City NC have you utilized for half day and full day trips in the past? What is your favorite fish to catch from the area?

Do you mostly fish offshore or inshore?

What tips can you give a first time fisherman new to the area about where to go locally?

Have you ever traveled to the local area specifically to go offshore fishing? If so, what is it about the area that makes this area someplace that people want to travel to experience big game fishing compared to other places along the East Coast?

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One thought on “Offshore Charter Fishing Boats in Morehead City NC – By The Half Day or Full

  • October 17, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    I read this article before visiting the area, and while I did not get to go offshore fishing, I did have a buddy of mine take me inshore and honestly I have never seen more of an abundance of speckled trout, redfish, and flounder than anywhere I have fished in the past.

    I can see why there is an abundance of fishing charter boats along the waterfront in Morehead City.

    Hopefully your area is getting back to normal after the hurricane.


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