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Otway NC Information, News, And Events In Carteret County

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Local Down East Demographics And Data

This small down east community is located in the Eastern part of the county along Highway 70 near North River between Bettie and Smyrna. This town is unincorporated with no dedicated law enforcement, fire, and rescue agencies. All government is handled by county commissioners, and law enforcement is handled by the Carteret County Sheriff’s Department. Fire and rescue services are handled by local volunteers agencies.

Otway NC is largely a residential community with a few small retail and convenience stores located in the area.

The zip code is 28516 and the area code is 252.

Area culture and heritage is centered around farming, hunting, commercial fishing, and the harvesting of shellfish such as clams, shrimp, and oysters.

Notable businesses in this community are Wards Creek RV Park and Boat Storage, Otway House Bed & Breakfast, Downeast Marine, Coastal Riverside Campground, Outer Island General Store, Otway Hardware, Crossroads Pizza, and Mason’s Auto & Truck Center.

This community is roughly 2.89 square miles in size.

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Considering recreational activities near North River, where are good opportunities for boating, sailing, trail walking, canoeing, and kayaking?

Are there any wildlife refuges in this small town?

How far of a drive is it from Otway NC to places like Cedar Island, Harkers Island, Beaufort, Morehead City, and the beaches along Bogue Banks near Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle?

What local primary, elementary, middle, and high schools do children in this community attend?

What specific volunteer fire and rescue agencies are active in this community and provide services for emergency transportation to local health facilities?

What more can you tell readers about commercial fishing in this area, along with the harvesting of shellfish?

What is the median cost to own a home or other real estate in this town?

During weather events like tropical storms and hurricanes, is Otway known for flooding which requires evacuation from this coastal town?

Where are local historical places of interest in the town where people can learn more about the formation of this town, maritime history, and about North River?

Are there any annual festivals and events that take place in this community?

Where are public boat ramps located?

Other than the local bed and breakfast business we noted early in this article, what are the closest hotels and motels travelers can use when visiting or driving through this community?

What other information do you have about Otway NC in the Carteret County downeast region?

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