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Oysters And Harvesting In Carteret County NC Down East Discussions

With the harvesting and growing of oysters in the Carteret County NC and down east portions of the county being such a significant driving force of the local economy, jobs, cultures, traditions, and way of life for families in these communities, we wanted to create a ongoing public discussion forum specific to this topic.

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We’re encouraging residents and families in Harkers Island, Otway, Bettie, Sea Level, North River, Cedar Island, Marshallberg, Stacy, and Davis to use the no registration form below to alert us to information and interest related to this topic.

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Additionally, we’re interested in hearing from commercial and recreational interests on specific local legislation, regulations, and policies from county commissioners, representatives and senators at the state level, and legislation and regulations from Congress at the federal level which are impacting the production and use of oysters in Carteret County NC.

And, we’re interested in hearing how local conservation groups are using oyster shells to re-build and protect living shorelines and build natural habitats for fisheries and other marine animals.

Any interests from down east are welcome to engage us in conversation.

Oyster Harvesting And Growing In County NC Locations

Considering the bodies of water and waterways of North River, South River, Jarrett Bay, The Straits, Back Sound, Bogue Sound, Adams Creek and various other bays in the local area, which are significant areas for harvesting and growing for commercial purposes? Which of these waters are open to recreational harvesting and growing?

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In addition to N.C. Marine Fisheries and the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, what other local and state agencies are responsible for regulations, policies, and enforcement of shellfish in our NC county?

In addition to the N.C. Coastal Federation, what are some other conservation groups which monitor and respond to environmental conditions in waters shellfish are grown in?

For anyone interested in the history of eastern Carteret County, what is the history, culture, and tradition of commercial fishing in the down east community, and how have things changed in the past 50 years?

In what ways is climate change, global warming, rising waters, and warming of the Atlantic Ocean impacting oysters and other shellfish in coastal waters of North Carolina?

What impacts does the farming of these shellfish have on the local economy, jobs, and county tourism? How does this seafood impact local restaurants?

What has changed in how these shellfish are farmed, harvested, and grown in the past 50 years?

In your opinion, what specific pieces of legislation and bills are having a positive impact on commercial fishing related to these shellfish? What about negative impacts?

In looking at percentages, numbers and production levels, where does NC oysters rate compared to other seafood like clams, mussels, scallops, crab, and shrimp?

And now to the best part, what are some of your favorite recipes for preparing this food? Do you prefer them raw, steamed, or fried?

In recent years, the discarded shells of these shellfish are being used in building living shorelines as a natural approach to combating land erosion, pollution, stormwater runoff, and to aid in building healthy fisheries and habitats in estuarine environments. If you’re involved in collecting and using shells for these purposes, please tell us more about this process and the benefits it’s having on the environment.

What’s some other information you’d like to see in this article which we didn’t talk about relating to Carteret County oysters, farming, environmental and NC climate concerns, food preparation, economics, and regulations?

Estuarine Environment

Again, communities open for discussions are Harkers Island, Otway, Bettie, Sea Level, North River, Cedar Island, Marshallberg, Stacy, and Davis.

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