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City And Town Locations Near The Pamlico Sound Inner And Outer Banks In NC

Online listing of all city and town locations surrounding the Pamlico Sound in NC, along with designation of being along the Outer Banks or Inner Banks.

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This body of water stretches roughly 73.50 miles running south to north and at it’s widest, and is 30.46 miles from east to west. Furthermore, this body of water begins where Core Sound ends and ends at the Croatan and Roanoke Sounds. Other bodies of water extending from this area includes the Neuse River, Bay River, and Pamlico River.

An extensive ferry system operated the the N.C. Department of Transportation helps connects the public between the Inner Banks and Outer Banks cities and towns.

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Outer Banks





Portsmouth Island



Cape Hatteras

Ocracoke Island

Inner Banks

Cedar Island





Stumpy Point






All Outer Banks towns generally run along Highway 12, and all Inner Banks towns run along Highway 265, Highway 304 and 33, and Highway 70.

City And Town Discussions

Which of these locations have ferry service to and from Cape Hatteras and Ocracoke Island, and what does someone visiting the area for the first time need to know about the ferry service and schedules?

Which of these places have boat ramps and water access for those doing recreation on the sound?

Which of these cities and towns have good accommodations when considering motels and hotels, auto repair, restaurants, or RV parks and campgrounds?

What does someone visiting these communities need to know about the roads and highways along these remote and secluded areas? How strong is GPS navigation in these areas?

Which of these towns and cities have boat repair places and on-water maintenance services?

Which of these locations have historical importance?

Which of these locations are near wildlife preserves and refuges?

Which of these cities and towns near the Pamlico Sound in NC have their own governments and services such as law enforcement, fire, and EMS, and which are dependent on county services as unincorporated areas?

Regarding Cape Lookout

Many visitors to our area believe the core banks of Cape Lookout are located on the Pamlico Sound when in fact these banks are located south along Core Sound. Furthermore, this area is only accessible by ferry service or private boat and contains no city or town locations.

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