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Is The Pamlico Sound In NC A Good Place To Go Fishing?

Page information:

  • Places and times to find the best fishing opportunities within the Pamlico Sound in Eastern NC along the Outer Banks.
  • Discussions on the types of fish to be caught in this waterway, along with which seasons are best for specific fish.
  • Tourism related information for the local area, to include charters, tours, and other industry connected to recreational fishing.

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Readers are encouraged to use the no registration form at the bottom of this page to engage in ongoing discussions related to the title. Additionally, when using the discussion form below, please give specific locations along the Pamlico Sound so those visiting the area which are not familiar with the area will have a reference point.

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MAJOR LANDMARKS: Lake Mattamuskeet, Cape Hatteras, Roanoke Island, Manteo, Ocracoke Island, Neuse River, Pamlico River, Portsmouth Island, Atlantic Ocean, and the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge.

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Discussions On Fishing In The Pamlico Sound NC

Again, please use the comment form at the bottom to engage us and other readers in discussions.

What times of the year are the best opportunities to catch different species of fish in this local area? Given a season, which types of species are frequently caught?

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Are there an abundance of local charter operations and tour guides that take people out on this local body of water? If so, what are their names and location?

Considering tourism and lodging, what are some local cities and towns which have a good assortment of hotels, motels, and camping, and RV parks?

How accessible is this body of water to places like the Gulf Stream and offshore locations? Please note that any fishing within this body of water is considered inshore.

Are there any fishing tournaments which take place on the Pamlico Sound? The previous link refers to the nationally recognized Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, but we’re also interested in other smaller and moderate sized tournaments for this coastal area.

What size boat and accessories are the minimum needed when traversing open water areas on this body of water?

What types of live bait and artificial bait are typically used for species in this area? Does it depend on the type of species, or time of the year?

Is it typical to find large fish which normally frequent open waters of the Atlantic Ocean within this sound?

What VHF radio frequencies do people boating on this waterway use to communicate with other boaters, local authorities, and the U.S. Coast Guard?

Outer Banks Charters, Species, And Times Of The Year

Considering chartering and guides, we’re uniquely interested in learning more about these businesses operating in this sound since we believe this is highly sought after by people visiting this area.

With this in mind, please consider telling us about fishing guides and charter boat operations along the Outer Banks area and Pamlico Sound, and include which times of the year these boats operate, and what types of fish these boats focus on.

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