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Are There Any Paramotor Groups or Training in the Carteret County NC Local Area?

While we know of no local Paramotor training, enthusiast groups, or businesses offering sales of equipment in the Carteret County NC areas of Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Beaufort, or Newport, we can’t imagine that it won’t be long before people get involved with this incredibly unique sport. So, we wanted to get a page up about this topic to gauge if there is already interest locally.

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If you have any information about the local area regarding training, groups, or sales, please use the comment form below to engage us and consider sharing this page on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that others can learn more.

What is a Paramotor? Think Parasail or Paraglider, only with a big fan on your back. OK, so it’s not actually a fan, it’s a motor attached to a harness that operates a propeller and propels a person in to the air. Watch the video below and then let’s continue the conversation below.

Imagine this over Cape Lookout or Bogue Banks NC

While the video is an example of a foot launch Paramotor, there are configurations for wheel launch where the person sits in a trike with wheels for the launch and ride.

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Laws And Regulations

We did some research, and currently the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) regulates Paramotoring under FAR 103 (Federal Air Regulations) which means a pilot does not have to have a pilots license, but must maintain certain conditions for flying over congested areas, maintaining minimum visibility, and lighting on equipment during twilight hours.

This means as it stands now (could change as NC legislators take a look at this sport), a person can take off in a Paramotor from their backyard in Newport and fly over non-congested areas of Morehead City, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle.

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Cost For Equipment

While the cost of buying a Paramotor varies depending on whether you are buying new equipment or used equipment, that being an advanced wing, trike, or harness, we estimate that the cost is around $4000 to $5000 but that is considerably cheaper than a Cessna airplane.

We have no idea what local Paramotor training classes could cost once an establishment gets up and running in the Carteret County NC area.

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NC Paramotor Discussions

So we think this is an exciting and unique sport and opportunity for the Crystal Coast. Can you imagine the views hanging from a propeller driven harness at 3,000 and flying over the barrier islands of Shackleford Banks or Cape Lookout? The opportunities for photography and video from the air will be incredible.

Additionally, on a 5 gallon tank of gas we estimate that someone could stay airborne for many hours making travel along the county beaches of Bogue Banks to Topsail Island or Wilmington possible.

Of course, that will all be dependent on how NC progresses with regulations and laws for the state as it relates to Paramotoring.

This could also mean that friends could get together and fly from Cedar Island NC to Ocracoke Island for the day. I guess this all depends on laws, regulations, training, and confidence understanding basic aerodynamics they teach in training classes.

What are some opportunities you see as it relates to this sport?

What are your thoughts on the FAA and FAR regulations for this sport?

Do you think NC state legislators will end up passing local rules and regulations?

Can you see yourself with a gas powered propeller strapped to your back, hanging from a harness, and being able to fly over Carteret County barrier islands for the day at 5,000 feet on just 5 gallons of gas?

What are your concerns for safety?

If you are a NC Paramotor pilot or enthusiast and have advanced information we did not cover in this article, please use the comment form below to talk with us.

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