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Parks and Recreation In Carteret County NC > Information For The Kids

Public information on the Carteret County Parks and Recreation Department in Beaufort NC to include contact information and locations. Discussions and comments about these facilities and events under the mission of this department are located at the bottom of this article. Learn more about Family vacation ideas in NC.

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Directions and GPS Navigation:

Morehead City (252) 726-5083 and Emerald Isle NC (252) 354-3424 have their own standalone departments, but work in conjunction with the county wide department to coordinate programs and events. The main administrative offices are located in Beaufort NC.

Address: 1702 Live Oak St, Beaufort, NC 28516
Phone Number: (252) 808-3301 (Main administrative offices)
Fort Benjamin Recreation Center (Newport): 252-222-5858
Western Park Community Center (Cedar Point): 252-222-5836

Hours of operation: Mon – Fri 8am till 5pm
Administrative Director: Tina Purifoy (Beaufort NC office)

Programs Offered

  • Adult Co-ed Kickball
  • Introductory Ballroom Dancing Class
  • Beginner Cardio Tennis- Western Park
  • Jamboree Dances
  • Essential Oil Education Seminars
  • Quilting
  • Yoga
  • Senior Yoga
  • Girls Youth Volleyball
  • Beginner Karate Program
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Hapkido – Martial Arts
  • Tennis – Various levels and age ranges.

Atlantic Beach information
Senior Games: Part of a NC statewide initiative to promote healthy living and education programs for residents 50 years of age and older. The focus is on a variety of programs and events ranging from kayaking, the performing arts, paddleboarding, and Silverarts.

The senior games are open games in all 100 counties in NC with over 60,000 participants in 53 locations throughout NC.

Carteret County Interest
Special Olympics: The Carteret County Parks and Recreation Department is a proud member of the national Special Olympics movement. Offers several day camps for individuals within the Special Olympics program.

Contact Darlene Austin at 252-808-3301.

Summer Camp: Offered at several locations throughout the county for school aged children in the summer months to promote healthy living, arts and crafts, positive social interactions, and learning.

Sports Leagues:

  • Sponsored Leagues

Adult Co-ed Beach Volleyball
Adult Co-ed Kickball
Adult Co-ed Indoor Volleyball
Youth Co-ed Basketball
Youth Girls Volleyball
Beach Run Series

  • Co-Sponsored Leagues

Adult Soccer
Ultimate Frisbee

  • Independent Leagues

Adult Sports
Youth Baseball
Youth Football
Youth Lacrosse
Youth Soccer
Youth Softball

Staff Member Contacts

Tina Purifoy
Director, Parks and Recreation/Civic Center
252-247-3883 or 252-808-3301

Jessica Forsberg
Department Manager

Darlene Austin
Recreation Program Supervisor
252-808 3301

Elizabeth Lewis
Senior Administrative Support Specialist

AnMarie Ivester
Athletic Program Supervisor
252-808 3301

Drew Short
Fort Benjamin Recreation Center
Park Facilities Manager

Whitney Smith
Fort Benjamin Recreation Center
Program Coordinator

Lynnette Worthington Livingston
Western Community Center Supervisor

Staff Updates? Changes? Contact Us

Discussions and Comments

As a participant in either the summer camp, Special Olympics, senior games, or sports leagues please tell us more about these programs using the comment form below.

Finally, tell us more about the karate, yoga, essential oils seminar, volleyball, tennis, kickball, basketball, football, baseball, or soccer programs within the Carteret County Parks and Recreation Department.

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2 thoughts on “Parks and Recreation In Carteret County NC > Information For The Kids

  • August 13, 2019 at 6:58 am

    When my son was younger he was a part of the Special Olympics games and absolutely loved it, it had such an impact on his life. This is a wonderful opportunity for young, old, or disabled to be a part of an inclusive organization that promotes healthy living and being part of the community.

  • November 16, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    Parks and recreation has a great summer camp program.


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