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Are There Any Places To Rent Boats For The Day In Atlantic Beach NC?

Looking for recommendations and what to expect when renting a boat in Atlantic Beach NC. Are there any places to do this? What types of insurance is needed and any special guidelines that you have to have? This is the type of information we are seeking from our readers in this article. Use the form at the bottom to give us information and ask questions.

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Local area information
Questions we want answered using the form below

What is the address and phone number of businesses in Atlantic Beach NC that offer this service? Is there any type of liability insurance one needs to have before renting? Do the rental companies offer insurance or does their insurance cover rentals?

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Have you ever rented a sailboat or fishing boat in the area? What were your experiences? Do businesses rent by the half day, full day, or weekly? When renting, is the boat already in the water or do you need a truck that can pull a trailer?

Carteret County.
What guidelines do owners require of people who use this service? What does the Coast Guard require? What does Marine Fisheries enforcement require? What types of watercraft are offered? Do any local businesses also offer jet skis?

Do local businesses who offer this service mandate that you stay in inland waters, or can you also go offshore? Do rental companies allow you to do any big game fishing from their boats?

What do they require upon returning any watercraft you rented by the half day, full day, or week? Are there any long term (like full summer) opportunities?

What types of boating safety regulations do you think someone should have before renting a boat in Atlantic Beach NC?

If you used one of the local providers of this service, where would you go?

Some places we recommend are Cape Lookout, Shackleford Island, or any of the barrier islands near the Core Sound area. These are great places to spend the day on the beach fishing or just relaxing.

Information on boating safety from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Michael Sharp

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One thought on “Are There Any Places To Rent Boats For The Day In Atlantic Beach NC?

  • November 5, 2018 at 9:04 am

    I like the idea of boat rentals and if you stay near waters close to Atlantic Beach you should be fine. However, even the most experienced boater in the area runs in to trouble all the time once you get out near Cape Lookout, Shackleford Banks, and in some places near Beaufort Inlet.

    The shoals and sandbars are consistently changing and the channel markings are not always up to date.

    Surely if there are rentals in the county someone is having these discussions with people who don’t normally use boats and have no idea about the area’s constantly changing maritime landscape.


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