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The Point In Emerald Isle NC: Beach Fishing, Walking, Boating, Photography, And More

The point in Emerald Isle NC is located at the westernmost portion of Bogue Banks in Carteret County and is a large sandy beach that attracts tourist for it’s beach fishing, photography, boating, and long walks day or night. This area is directly across from Hammocks Beach State Park on Bogue Inlet. Back Channel is located on the sound side area of land and is popular in Spring, Summer, and Fall months for locals and vacationers to anchor their boats and enjoy the area. Bogue Inlet is significant to fishermen because it is a narrow body of water coming from the ocean and is teaming with fish. Comments on this article is encouraged and we hope you will share this document on social media like Facebook and Twitter so that other visitors can learn more.

see deer in sand dunes

For those interested in walking the beach at night, or exploring the sprawling sand dunes, it is the perfect place to get lost. The point in Emerald Isle is also known for it’s large population of deer that roam the beaches.

If you are visiting this area, please note that the waters in this area can be dangerous due to rip currents so serious precaution must be adhered to when it comes to children or inexperienced swimmers. (link to rip current information)

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If you are a amateur or professional photographer, the point offers you incredibly scenic views of beach foliage, large dunes, white sand beaches, the Atlantic Ocean, various shorebirds, and boats moving along Bogue Inlet.

Emerald Isle is significant in that it has a quaint, small town vacation feel for families that do not enjoy lots of commercialization and who just want to relax.

Directions: From Atlantic Beach and Pine Knoll Shores area, take Highway 58 to Emerald Isle and take a left on Coast Guard Rd, then take a right on Channel Dr. There is a small free public parking lot near the intersection of Coast Guard Rd and Channel Dr.

From the Cape Carteret, Swansboro, and Newport NC area, take Highway 24 to the Emerald Isle bridge, then right on Coast Guard Rd.

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Discussions On The Point In Emerald Isle NC

Tell us about your experiences along this beach access in Carteret County. Did you find this to be a good place for swimming, photography, boating, seashell hunting, shark teeth hunting, or any type of relaxing activities such as laying out or just walking the sand taking in the dunes and water? What types of nature did you discover?

We will be making a video of this beach in the very near future so please check back, and be sure to use the comments below to tell us about your visit to the area and any things to do or attractions that we missed in this article. You can contact us if you would like to send pictures from this area and we will include them in the article with credit.

Walking back channel

Fishing on the beach

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