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Are Population Numbers Rising In Carteret County NC?

Why are the population numbers rising in Carteret County NC? We believe population numbers are rising in this county because of the future Interstate 42 project, growth and development of the nearby military installations of Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune, and because this local beach community is largely a rural area where new commercial and tourism development is poised to happen.

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Do you agree, or disagree with our belief that military growth and development, along with the Interstate 42 project are the primary reasons why more and more people and businesses are moving in to the area? Again, use the comment section below to give us your arguments.

Local Discussions: Why Is The Population Growing In Carteret NC?

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Cherry Point And Camp Lejeune: Commanders at both military installations in recent years released projections on the very swift growth and development which will undoubtedly bring more troops who will live full-time in the area, not to mention enjoy leisurely time with their families at area beaches.

More troops in the area will result in greater need for housing, but will also put a strain on our pristine beaches, waterways barrier islands, and natural resources.

Interstate 42: Once Interstate 42 is completed, or as new segments open up in Kinston, New Bern, and Havelock, the ease and time needed to drive from large population centers in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Wilson, Rocky Mount, and other locations will make Carteret County NC a more viable option for tourism, living, and vacationing.

Local Cities And Towns

This interstate will make Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Beaufort, and Morehead City an easy day or weekend trip to our local area.

Rural And Remote Areas: The Crystal Coast is by most standards still a very rural and remote area known globally for it’s clean water, secluded beaches, and beautiful barrier islands. However, there is also considerable amounts of land available for commercial and residential development which will need to be tapped for housing and new businesses to serve more people moving to and living in the area.

We believe most of this population growth will happen most notably in Newport, but also in Beaufort along Highway 101, Stella, Peletier, and areas down east.

County Information

Local Area News And Breaking Reports

Historically, the population growth rate in Carteret County NC at it’s best was around 1% each year, with a median income growing modestly. But, in the years of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, we did see a considerable bump in numbers for the Western part of our area.

As more businesses, technology, and influences from the large cities to our North make their presence known in the area, more and more people will want to make this area home. And, we have to remember this local area has fixed borders which will unfortunately setup a conflict between humans and wildlife and maritime ecosystems.

Protecting The Environment

Which areas of Carteret NC do you think will see the greatest rise year-around population growth?

As a business owner, home owner, environmentalist, vacationer, or long-time resident, what are your thoughts?

Let us know using the discussions below.

Human Pollution

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