President Trump To Declare National Emergency On March 13, 2020 Opening The Door For Stafford Act Disaster Relief Assistance

March 13, 2020

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the coronavirus pandemic in the United States that is currently having an overwhelming economic impact on citizens and businesses across the country and here in North Carolina.

By declaring this national emergency, the Stafford Act can be invoked to provide billions in federal aid and disaster relief assistance to U.S. States. This will be especially helpful to people who are unable to work due to becoming infected with COVID-19, or who were unable to work because their places of employment were affected.

The Stafford Act allows federal government and state governments broad powers to free up unprecedented amounts of money to maintain order and benefit citizens.

Under the Stafford Act, FEMA will be the lead agency to help local governments and municipalities with helping to build new or temporary medical facilities, and provide patient transportation to health facilities to name just a few.

Additionally, under this law, those in NC that do not have health insurance or who are under-insured could receive competent medical care. President Trump will be the 3rd president in 25 years to declare a national emergency over a pandemic.

Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp

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