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Public Discussions On Superintendent Mat Bottoms Resigning From Education Over Politics

We really wanted to stay out of the debate over Carteret County Schools Superintendent Mat Bottoms resignation over politics at the education board, state legislature, lack of funding, and division. But, after 57 emails via our contact form, we felt the need to issue a statement even though this website purposefully wants to stay out of politics and focus on travel and tourism to the county.

First, I want to say what I think both sides of this debate agree on, that being the Superintendent is a world-class educator who devoted his entire professional life to education in Carteret County NC and there is no disagreement on Mr. Bottoms being dedicated to this system for teachers, parents, and students.

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And, while I am sure there were frustrations and tension long before resignation was even a thought, it appears that his decision and subsequent letter explaining his decision has thrust this county in to a crisis and has signaled to political operatives that the county is now fertile ground for their agenda.

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Additionally, I am not sure why people are surprised by the sudden vitriol between Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Progressives, or interest groups given the state and national political fighting.

It is clear that people are moving to the outer poles of their political ideology and I am not even going to attempt to guess why or even attempt to figure it out.

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But, I do know that under this current radical configuration, nobody is going to win. If the political left in Carteret County wins, then the political right is going to obstruct and become unhelpful, and if the right wins, the left is going to obstruct and become unhelpful. From this, business and tourism will be affected.

From the teacher perspective, they deserve good wages and anything they need to educate the children of this county. And, Superintendent Bottoms is correct that politics should have no bearing on that. Honestly, I do not know where teachers stand on this issue. I imagine most just want to do their jobs, make a sustainable living, and have the supplies and time to plan and deliver education to our children.

I suppose some are aligned with the left, and some are aligned with the right, I don’t know. I also do not know what the left is offering to fix this issue, or what the right is offering.

The education funding debate and politics in this county is not unlike a bad marriage where both spouses refuse to go to counseling or work on the issues. The obvious answer here is that a divorce needs to happen. I don’t know anyone that disagrees with that.

The problem is that in this country, state, or county, the new radical left can’t divorce the new radical right, and vice versa without our foundation breaking.

Sure, I realize many on left believe they will beat the right in to submission, and I am sure it’s the same for the other side.

If teachers in this county were to get a 100% raise in their yearly salary and buckets of cash to fund education under radical left wing desires, do teachers really want to face obstruction from radical right-wing parents?

And, if things are settled under right-wing desires, the radical left-wing is going to obstruct and make teachers miserable.

And I will be honest, the debate over teacher pay and funding isn’t the only issue political division under this new radical configuration we have all created is going to affect. It will eventually affect tourism and business in the county.

So in short, there is no answer. Under the new American political landscape and radical agendas determined to win, there is actually nothing to win and everything to lose.

I am not sure why the Carteret County Board of Education, Superintendent Bottoms, teachers, parents, and politicians can’t see that? And does anyone think this is something that is only happening in this county?

There is no path to success for teachers, students, parents and administrators, and education as a whole when the side that loses or wins is going to make sure to create havoc and chaos for the other side.

I would not want to be a local teacher facing the wrath of 50% of the parents who aren’t aligned with whoever wins this debate.

I am going to link both sides of this debate for people to decide for their own which they align. While both claim to be non-partisan, the #RedForEd movement is most closely aligned with the political left and and has backing from all Progressives. On the other side of this debate is #PurpleForParents.

What is interesting is that BOTH groups claim to be non-partisan and want the very best for teachers, schools, students, and parents and are determined to get their way.

Do you ever see a non-partisan group of teachers, parents, students, education board members, and administrators able to deflect the radical groups working hard for their agendas? Or, is the answer for one of these groups to effectively win this debate and force the other group in to submission?

Comments and comment additions below.

Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

One thought on “Public Discussions On Superintendent Mat Bottoms Resigning From Education Over Politics

  • December 5, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    If local teachers win via the left, do they really want to work against 50% of the obstructionist right-wing parents daily, or if they win via the right, do they want to face 50% obstruction from the left-wing parents?

    Yep, pretty much sums things up politically.


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