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Questions About Shipwreck And Artificial Reef Diving Near Cape Lookout NC

Community discussions on Cape Lookout diving adventures near artificial reefs and shipwrecks along the barrier islands of the Outer Banks.

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With several thousand visitors per day to this website, and the area being a tourism and visitor hot spot, we felt it was useful to ask questions about the area as it relates to recreational diving on the barrier islands of Carteret County, Shackleford Banks, Ocracoke Island, Cape Hatteras, and Cape Lookout.

If you are certified and dive the local area, please consider using the form below to answer questions or start new threads.

Cape Lookout NC Shipwrecks And Artificial Reef Diving Discussions


What are the basic certifications needed to start this sport and how long does it take?

What are the basic suggested certifications required to dive in open waters such as the ocean, sound, or waters around local area barrier islands?

We understand there are several hundred shipwrecks and artificial reefs just off coastal NC near Carteret County, is there a good online reference to all of these shipwrecks and their locations?

Which shipwrecks are good for beginners and which are good for those more experienced? Which are closer to inland waters, and which are in more deeper waters?

What specific cautions can you give someone wanting to dive in this specific region of NC that might be encountered that is unusual or requires advanced details to safety?

Are there any local community diving groups that meetup regularly?

As it relates to Shackleford Banks, Ocracoke, and the smaller islands in that general area, what are some must explore spots?

As it relates to the Bogue Banks (and sound) communities of Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Salter Path, and Emerald Isle, what opportunities exist?

What good spots are there for the Pamlico Sound and areas near Portsmouth Island and village?

Within Carteret County NC, what are some good guide services, charter boats that takes groups out to inshore and offshore waters, and instructor led expeditions?

Which local areas businesses offer classes on different levels of certifications needed for coastal NC?

What types of fish and aquatic mammals are mostly found in Eastern NC waters around artificial reefs and shipwrecks?

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Along the Outer Banks near the Cape Lookout National Seashore, are there any camping opportunities that are specifically catered to diving enthusiast?

If you live in the local area, experienced in the waters in Eastern NC, and know the history of the many shipwrecks and boats that were sunk to create reefs, what is the history centered around this?

What are the technical differences, if any, for someone used to diving in fresh water versus saltwater that need to be understood before going out in our waters?

What opportunities exist in the Carteret County area for commercial diving jobs and training?

Do you have any advice for the area that we did not cover in this article?

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