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Roberts Road Information In Newport NC – Traffic, Accidents, Data

Information and community discussions on Roberts Road in Newport NC and Carteret County running from Chatham Street, across Highway 70, and terminating at 9 mile Road near Lake Road. Readers are encouraged to ask questions and submit information about this topic using the no registration discussion form below. Additionally, we hope you will consider sharing this article on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook so more people can join the conversation.

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Information we hope to receive and get questions on regarding Roberts Road can include traffic information, automobile accidents and other wrecks, data on traffic lights not working, growth and development along this roadway, planned NCDOT construction or repaving, intersecting street information, businesses along this route, and other data and demographics.

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New Data

This section exists for the insertion of new data and questions we receive after publication about Roberts Road in Newport NC, and will include relevant breaking news from comments below.

Traffic Information, NCDOT Closures, and Demographics

This roadway is roughly 4.51 miles long running through mostly rural residential homes and communities except for a small portion near Highway 70 in Newport NC. This road begins at Chatham Street near Time Out Tavern, extends to Highway 70 where there is a traffic signal, then continues through rural land, and finally terminating at 9 mile road.

Major intersecting streets include Oak Grove, Countryside Court, Powell Street, Crestwood Drive, Pond Drive, Averys Way, Cherry Lane, Oscar Hill Rd, Cedar Creek, Shaver Road, Lana Drive, Dickens Dr, and Hibbs Road.

Law enforcement agencies responsible for traffic control include the Carteret County Sheriff’s Department, N.C. Highway Patrol, and Newport Police Department.

Significant landmarks include Blakes Branch Creek, Time Out Tavern, Speedway Convenience Store, Waste Industries, National Weather Service, Cedar Swamp Creek, and Meadows Branch Creek.

Roberts Road is also known as State Highway 1140.

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Local Area Discussions

Is this route a considerable risk for closure during forest fires in the Croatan National Forest?

Are there frequent automobile accidents and wrecks that cause traffic delays on this roadway? On what portion of this road are accidents most common? When accidents do happen near 9 mile road, does the Newport Police Respond, highway patrol, or sheriff’s department respond?

What noted subdivisions and neighborhoods are along this Carteret County roadway? What are your estimates for growth and development along this area given the Interstate 42 corridor and Havelock bypass being completed? How do you think the new interstate and bypass will affect traffic?

What is the average and median price of homes along route 1140?

How often does NCDOT do maintenance and repaving of this roadway? What small bridges over the many waterways in this area most often need repair causing closures and delays?

What are recommended cautions for someone traveling this roadway going from Newport NC to Highway 24 and to Havelock via Lake Road?

What other topics about Roberts Road do you want to discuss which we did not touch on in this article? What questions do you have?

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