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People Looking For Roommates In Carteret County NC – Online Housing And Rental Search

This is a free to use by anyone online search database for people who are looking for roomates in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle. Other communities such as Cape Carteret and Harkers Island will be added to this database as we get new listings.

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Readers are encouraged to extensively share this database on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit so that other interested parties can take advantage of this unique listing database. Additionally, at the bottom of this document is a discussion form for people to contact us about adding a listing to this site, as well as engaging us and others in discussions about roommates for housing and rentals in Carteret County NC.

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How to use: If you are a current owner of a property, house, condo, or apartment and you have a room to rent in your property, or you are someone tied to a lease at a local apartment complex, or you will be staying in the county temporarily for the summer or for a temporary work assignment, please use the same form below to send us detailed information about what you have to offer or what you are looking for. Once received, we will add your information to this online database. Please use a valid email address so that we can get in contact with you. Again, this is a free search and online listing site for anyone to use, and all listings can be deleted, edited, or added to at any time.

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DISCLAIMER: This website is NOT affiliated with any county or municipal entity, private group, real estate agency, rental agency, or anyone associated with housing and apartments in the local area. We do not do any background checks on people who use this listings service and by using this site, you agree to hold harmless our site for any negative interactions you have with others from this website.

PRIVACY: We do not make your private information public except for contact information you provide so that others can contact you about your roommate listing. You are free to remove any information on this website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In Morehead City NC

There are currently no homeowners looking to rent a room in Morehead City NC, or people looking to share a lease or space locally.

In Beaufort NC

There are currently no listings in Beaufort NC.

In Newport NC

There are currently no online listings in Newport NC.

In Atlantic Beach NC

There are currently no listings in Atlantic Beach NC.

In Emerald Isle NC

There are currently no online listings in Emerald Isle NC.


Carteret County NC is a popular tourist destination that attracts seasonal workers, visitors to the area, and other temporary workers that often seek to find rooms for rent, people to share an apartment or condo lease with, or homeowners that have a room to rent.

The local beach communities in Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle often see young college students who want to spend the summer locally and work without being tied to a lease.

Readers who use this site to add listings or who review information on this site are encouraged to talk with their rental agency or apartment complex to see if they allow for non-married people to share a lease. Additionally, if you are a homeowner with a room to rent, we encourage you to meet prospective roommates in public first and at the least do a criminal background check before engaging in communications.

Safety Information

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