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Salter Path NC, Town Information, Police, Fire, Schools, And Government

Local Salter Path NC town information on government, police, fire, schools, and tourism data for visitors to this Bogue Banks community in Carteret County and Eastern NC.

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In looking at the image above taken from Google maps, their presentation does not show Salter Path but the area highlighted is generally where this community is even though it says Indian Beach. Up until around the 1950s, this community was a “squatter town” where anyone could just build a home and decide where their land started and ended. Additionally, the unincorporated area at that time sat in the middle of Indian Beach.

However, in travelling from Atlantic Beach through Pine Knoll Shores, a person on Highway 58 will leave Pine Knoll Shores and enter Indian Beach, then Salter Path, then Emerald Isle.

The local community is an unincorporated town in Carteret County with no government. Everything is controlled by the Carteret County Commissioners. There is no police department and all law enforcement is handled by the county Sheriffs Department although we understand there is a partnership in that Emerald Isle and Indian Beach police can respond to calls for service in the unincorporated area (use the comments to debate us).

There is a consolidated fire department and EMS between this community and Indian Beach.

Today, the local community is only about about 2 miles in length with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Bogue Banks on the other. The community is best known for it’s extremely deep roots in the fishing industry where settlers developed their own netting techniques to catch their harvest from the ocean and sound.

That fishing heritage, culture, and tradition is still alive today with the community hosting some of the best seafood restaurants in the area. Other than seafood restaurants and a few convenience stores, the town is basically now a tourism and visitors destination in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall months but there is still an old family heritage of locals that has a presence over the town.

As for the few hundred people that are considered year around residents, we understand that school aged children attend West Carteret High School, Morehead Primary, Morehead Elementary, and Morehead Middle School.

Salter Path NC Public Information


If you are a local historian or local, tell us more about the town history as it relates to the fishing industry, shrimping, and harvesting shellfish.

Are most of the seafood restaurants owned by local families?

What is the relationship to the old town village that existed on Shackleford Banks until the late 1800s and local family heritage?

Are we correct in assuming that school aged children attend schools in Morehead City versus Newport NC?

If you vacation in the town, do you prefer the few small family owned motels or larger condominiums that are owned by people who do not have roots in the community?

If you own a home or vacation property in the area, tell us about your experiences.

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