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Sand Dunes of the Crystal Coast Beaches in NC – Lets Find Seashells And Learn About Nourishment

Discussions and comments about the sand dunes of the Crystal Coast NC beaches continues below the video.

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What makes the Crystal Coast so unique for tourist and visitors to the area is the unspoiled beaches the area has to offer. Unlike other tourism areas, our beaches and sand dunes are purposefully enriched and maintained without overpopulation and over commercialization allowing visitors to get lost along our quaint coast and enjoy nature as intended.

Our sand dunes are perfect for searches of shark teeth and seashells, camping, bird watching, nature walks, and photography. The video above was taken at Fort Macon State Park which is the perfect area in Carteret County to literally get lost in the dunes and become one with nature. It is also a great place to discover coastal wildlife and shorebirds.

Carteret County NC Communities

Another great place to visit sprawling Crystal Coast sand dunes and clean beaches is an area called “The point” at the end of Emerald Isle near the Coast Guard Station.

In recent years, many coastal towns in Eastern NC have discovered a great way to enrich and build new sand dunes using old Christmas trees that help with erosion and provide the foundation for new growth. Additionally, old Christmas trees helps with vegetation growth (nourishment) which helps to maintain a natural environment.

The towns of Emerald Isle, Salter Path, Indian Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Fort Macon all have Christmas tree re-purpose programs and drop-offs for the public.

Comments and Discussions

If you have visited the Crystal Coast in the past, have you explored sand dunes of the area? What activities did you enjoy when doing so? Did you find that you found more or less natural seashells and sharks teeth in the dunes compared to waters edge?

What species of shorebirds and wildlife did you observe?

Beach at Ft. Macon State Park on the Crystal Coast

Crystal Coast Wikipedia

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3 thoughts on “Sand Dunes of the Crystal Coast Beaches in NC – Lets Find Seashells And Learn About Nourishment

  • May 8, 2021 at 8:51 pm

    A Florida based company known as EarthBalance is finishing up the 2021 Emerald Isle beach nourishment project by planting pieces of vegetation within the sand dunes along the town. The vegetation being planted was actually taken from natural plants existing in the town, where it was then planted as seedlings last October.

    Now fully grown, EarthBalance will take the plants to 6.4 miles of new nourishment area.

  • November 1, 2018 at 7:47 am

    We visited the Crystal Coast in the Summer of 2018 and immediately noticed a difference in your area in regards to it having actual sand dunes compared to businesses that aligned the beach. Our kids loved exploring these areas and found some of the most amazing seashells and other artifacts.

    We heard about the Hurricane and hope these areas survived them well but we expect that officials and others in your area have a way to protect or rebuild the dunes due to wind.

    Also a great place for nature photography and we got many great pictures.

    • November 1, 2018 at 7:54 am

      Thanks for commenting Carol. Yes, all Bogue Banks communities have a beach nourishment plan, of which the Christmas trees outlined in the article is one tool in that arsenal. You can read more here.

      Hurricane Florence definitely displaced much sand but no doubt that conservationist are working on it.


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