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Discussions On Scenic Overlooks In The Western NC Mountains

We want this document to be an exhaustive community forum on the many scenic overlooks in the Western NC mountains along various parkways, roads, and highways within the Appalachian Mountains and The Great Smoky Mountains, including the Blue Ridge Parkway. To participate and add information to this document, please subscribe to and use the discussion form at the bottom. Be sure to subscribe so you get notified of replies. Additionally, please consider sharing this page on the popular social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter so others traveling roads, highways, and parkways can discover these locations.

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Information we hope to get questions on and learn about as it relates to various scenic overlooks in the NC mountains can include mile marker and GPS coordinates to your favorite places, along with description of the views one can see at your favorite place. Other information can include lodging information when thinking about motels and hotels, the best places to see the Fall changing of the leaves to their colors, and places along roadways where people can safely pull vehicles over to get out and take pictures or enjoy the views.

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Local Area Information

This section will be populated with particularly relevant discussions on various scenic overlooks in NC from the discussion form below.

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Which Locations Have The Best Views?

With the Western NC mountains being a perennial favorite for vacationers, tourist, and other travelers, there is little doubt many come to see places like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Brevard NC, Grandfather Mountain, Chimney Rock, Mt. Mitchell, and places like Maggie Valley near Cherokee which have amazing scenery from remote and secluded wilderness waterfalls, streams, rivers, foliage, wildlife, and forests.

When considering travel to these places, there are potentially thousands of scenic overlooks across the region, with a documented 106 just on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hopefully, past visitors and local residents will use the discussion form below to help us document them all so future travelers can discover the best views in several locations within the region.

Public Discussions

What are some mile marker numbers on local area highways, roads, and the Blue Ridge Parkway of overlooks which offer spectacular views and have pull off areas for vehicles?

What specific cities and towns in Western NC have developed their entire economy around visitors and vacationers who come to see the local area impressive views?

What time of the year is the best time to visit the NC mountains scenic overlooks when considering the Fall changing of the leaves to their brilliant colors?

Other than the Blue Ridge Parkway and it’s 106 official overlooks, what are some other Appalachian Mountains and Smoky Mountains roadways which offer equally beautiful views?

Other than places like Grandfather Mountain, Chimney Rock, and Mt. Mitchell, what are some other well-known parking places where visitors driving routes in this region can find more remote and secluded wilderness views which are off the beaten path?

Which of these areas are closed in winter months because of ice and snow?

Which of these local area views have good examples of the deep valleys and mountains? Which offer the best chances of seeing wildlife and nature such as Elk that roam near Cherokee NC?

What are questions or information you have about the scenic overlooks in the Western NC mountains which we did not address in this article?

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