Sheriff Asa Buck Talks Jail Expansion And Money With Carteret County Commissioners – What Are Your Insights?

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February 2020

News has hit that Sheriff Asa Buck is ready to talk jail expansion or a new building for a jail with Carteret County Commissioners.

Currently, there are several options on the table ranging from roughly $27 million dollars to $40 million dollars to almost double the number of beds and to allow for future growth and expansion as the new population hits the area in 10 years (think Interstate 42).

As I understand it, the lower figure would allow for expanding the jail at it’s current location while the other figure has several options related to expanding the current building or building a new jail at another location.

So the debate here is, do you think we should be focused on expanding the Carteret County jail or putting more effort in to fixing the drug epidemic that is causing massive overcrowding at all NC jails and prisons?

Is it possible to do both financially?

Most experts argue that the drug epidemic and violent crime related to it, along with the proliferation of human trafficking, is projected to get worse creating a need for increased jail space.

At what point do we reach the intersection of not being able to find correctional officers in NC to maintain order in the jails and prisons?

What happens when those addicted to heroin, fentanyl, meth, and other drugs are the majority if we don’t find some way to stop it?

If you agree with Sheriff Asa Buck and think we have no option but to expand the local jail, use the discussion form at the bottom of the article (click the link) and let’s get your opinion and insights.

Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp

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