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Skilled Trades In Carteret County NC To Surge As The Population And Economy Grows

Discussions on the need for workers in skilled trades in Carteret County NC as the population and economy grows related to Interstate 42 and growth at Cherry Point.

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Recent information was published by various agencies and the county showing that the need for workers in skilled trades is in extreme high demand right now. In fact, companies like Mechworks reports that they are turning away contracts because they do not have enough workers in the local community to do those jobs.

Additionally, organizations like the Carteret County Home Builders Association NC are developing courses locals can take to learn more about construction trades in the area. Jarrett Bay and other boat builders have similar programs. And, the local economic development interest in NC are working with local agencies and educational centers like Carteret Community College to inform graduating seniors at local high schools about these opportunities.

Where is the sudden need coming from?

The current Interstate 42 project is a big driving force in population and economic growth in all cities and towns within the county. Within the next 15 years, the local population is expected to double. Department of Defense jobs at Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune are also growing. Jarrett Bay and other boat builders in the local area are also reporting new business and contracts. Furthermore, the local hospital is continuing to expand.

As with any county growth in tourism area beach communities like Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Emerald Isle, there is going to be a high need for residential and commercial construction trades, technology, and other skilled trades to meet the demand. Residential construction in Carteret County is already seeing a boost.

If you are interested in what the future of the county looks like and want to take advantage of new opportunities in employment, building a business, or construction trades, we highly encourage you to make contact with Jarrett Bay, Mechworks, Carteret Community College, and the Economic Development Office to inquire about ongoing educational opportunities that can help put you in a position to succeed in these areas.

Other areas that will be secondary to population and economy growth will be the need for more schools, skilled nursing and healthcare workers. Again, Carteret Community College is your best resource to find out about education training in these areas.

Another huge draw to considering a skilled trade in Carteret County NC is that while this area of work is expected to continue to grow and pay exceptionally well, college degree fields are seeing a flat growth putting many college graduates in a bind to find work while being saddled with great depth from student loans that helped pay for university courses.


What cities and towns in the county will see the greatest increase in population?

After reading this article, what organizations, business interest, and educational opportunities did you discover in the county to help you get started in preparing for skilled jobs in the local area? What specific opportunities exist for construction trades, technology, boat building, or healthcare?

What are some other job and business opportunities do you see flourishing as the new interstate comes online? What technology jobs do you see becoming abundant in the community with Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune growing?

Do you think county high schools in NC should place less emphasis on going to college for advanced degrees and focus as much enthusiasm on skilled trade jobs for graduating seniors?

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