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Skydiving In Carteret County NC – Where To Get Training And Jump From Airplanes

Is there a place to go skydiving in the Carteret County NC communities of Beaufort, Morehead City, or Newport?

Yes, Crystal Coast Skydiving, located at Michael J. Smith Airport in Beaufort NC offers jump training and airplanes to get you in the sky and to jump. They can be reached by visiting them at 150 Airport Rd, Beaufort, NC 28516 or by calling them at (252) 528-6281.

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We know of no other companies which offers training or taking people to jump in Newport, Morehead City, or any other municipality in Carteret County NC.

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Carteret NC Skydiving Classes And Jumps Discussions

If you received training at Crystal Coast Skydiving (CCS) in Beaufort, please use the no registration discussion form below to tell us about your experiences. Does their instruction teach both solo jumping and tandem jumps?

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How many days or hours is the instruction before you get to jump out of an airplane on your own or with staff? Does the training come with a certificate, and what advanced certificates did you learn about or obtain?

In what airspace above the county do jumps occur? Tell us about your first time experience from the moment you jumped from the airplane until making it safely on the ground using the form below.

For staff as CCS, what certifications are offered in North Carolina and can the general public get all these documents from your business?

Does CCS offer gear sales where the public can buy their own parachutes, harnesses, and other gear?

What age restrictions are there at CCS?

Tell us more about the accelerated freefall course and certification.

After jumping from the plane, what specific land masses could you see in Eastern NC and the Outer Banks? How long were you in freefall? In total, what was your time spent in the air?

After receiving training or instruction and getting any necessary certifications, what is the cost for the ground school and jump? What is the cost just for those already having instruction or certificates and who just want to jump without staff?

Other than the airspace in which CCS does all their jumps, what are the general guidelines in North Carolina? What involvement does the FAA have in skydiving? What are the general procedures for pilots releasing jumpers and communication with other private aircraft in the air and on the ground at Michael J. Smith airport?

Considering training, certifications, needed gear, rentals, cost to charter an aircraft, and regulations and guidelines, what are some other discussions you want to talk about as it relates to Carteret County skydiving using the form below?

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