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Information For Smyrna NC In Carteret County – News, Events, And Travel

Information and discussions relating to local public interests within Smyrna NC which is located in the Downeast area of Carteret County. Readers are encouraged to interact with other reaedrs and our staff using the discussion form at the very bottom. Additionally, we hope you will share this document with friends and family on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so others can learn more about this community when moving here, vacationing here, or simply driving through.

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Questions and data we hope to receive about Smyrna NC centers on recreational activities, wildlife refuges and viewing areas, bodies of water in this Downeast community, government, major roads and other access areas, campgrounds and RV parks, and any other information someone moving here or traveling might want to know.

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This section is maintained for new data we learn and receive after publication and is relevant for the community in Smyrna NC and Carteret County.

Local Downeast Community Data And Demographics

This local area is located in Eastern Carteret County and sits directly on Highway 70 between Otway, Williston, and Marshallberg. Additionally, this community is unincorporated so local government regulations, restrictions, and governance is handled by county commissioners. Law enforcement is handled by the local sheriff’s depatrtment and highway patrol, while EMS, rescue, and fire calls for service are handled by volunteer organizations.

This community is largely a residential area with some locally owned small businesses which are mostly convenience stores.

This downeast community has a zip code of 28579 and is in the 252 area code.

The closest healthcare facility is Pruitt Healthcare in Sea Level NC.

Nearby landmarks include Middens Creek, Eastern Parks And Recreation, Down East Middle School, and Marshallberg Rd.

Some major and minor roads include Highway 70, Marshallberg Road, Whitehurst Road, and Old Post Office Road.

Like most Down East county communities similar to Smyrna NC, this area has deep ties to commercial fishing and the harvesting of shellfish like clams, oysters, and shrimp.

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Down East Discussions

Considering Middens Creek, what are some waterway recreational activities common in this town? Are there any public boat ramps for those wishing to explore local waterways, creeks, and rivers with boats, sailboats, canoes, and kayaks?

Considering Eastern Park, what types of recreational activities and sports are played at this park? What other types of events happen at Eastern Park?

Other than the landmarks mentioned earlier, what are some other landmarks we failed to mention which have historical importance for Smyrna NC?

What information can you tell us about commercial fishing in Smyrna, or where the public can look for clams and oysters? Where are some good places for recreational fishing?

We mentioned Smyrna borders Williston, Otway, and Marshallberg, but how far of a drive is this town to other Carteret County locations such as Harkers Island, Cedar Island, Beaufort, and Morehead City?

What are the closest motels, hotels, RV parks, campgrounds, gas stations, and shopping center locations in this community?

Be sure to send us news information along with demographics and data we missed in this article.

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