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South River NC Information In Down East Carteret County Near The Neuse

This is a information and discussion article on South River in eastern Carteret County NC that branches from the Neuse River and extends in to areas around Open Grounds Farm. Readers can use the no registration discussion form below to add data to this article including information about boating and sailing, recreational activities, residential areas, businesses along this body of water, hunting, trails, fishing, and camping. Be sure to subscribe to comments so that you will be notified of replies to information you share about South River.

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This body of water is 1.70 miles in width not including smaller branches and creeks, and 8.71 miles in length not including any smaller branches and creeks.

The river starts at the the Neuse River (connected to the Pamlico Sound) and runs through very rural and remote forest terrain in what is called down east Carteret County NC. This river ends at two smaller branches just outside of Open Ground Farms. The Neuse River extends from the great Pamlico Sound to New Bern NC.

The area code is 252, and the closest town or unincorporated area seems to be a small boat ramp and residential area near Merrimon.

Aside from the state road on the Merrimon side of this river, there does not appear on satellite and topographic maps any state maintained paved roads extending around the eastern area. There is reference to Nelson Bay Road that intersects with Highway 70 near Stacy NC, but we are not sure if this is a paved road that is state maintained. If Nelson Bay Road is state maintained and accessible by the public, this road does extend roughly 5 miles to the last two smaller branches of this river.

At one time there was an established private hunting club popular with deer hunters and duck hunters that existed on the east side of this river, but we believe this hunting club is now defunct and for sale (or sold). Please use the discussion below for corrections.

Weather: For current conditions, advisories, and forecast information please review our weather page.

This river is located in eastern Carteret County NC near the landmarks of Merrimon Road (State Road 1300), the Neuse River, Open Ground Farms, Stacy NC, and Sea Level.

Nearby coastal bodies of water include the Neuse River, Adams Creek, Brown Creek, and Turnagain Bay.

Smaller branches and creeks of this river are Hardy Creek, Big Creek, Old House Creek, Dixon Creek, Royal Creek, Southwest Creek, Duck Creek, Elisha Creek, Buck Creek, Doe Creek, Eastman Creek, Little Creek, Coffee Creek, Mulberry Creek, and Horton Bay.

On Google Maps (zoom in and out), there does appear to be many intricate dirt roads throughout the areas around the river on the east side, but again we are not sure if these are private roads associated with Open Grounds Farm or private land.


Is Nelson Bay Road state maintained and a public road that visitors to the area can use to explore South River NC?

What is the importance of this river to Open Ground Farms?

What are some noted public boat ramps that can be used to access this body of water?

What information or questions do you have about down east communities located near this area?

What current opportunities for deer hunting and duck hunting along this body of water?

Give us information or ask questions about the smaller creeks and bays along this body of water that relate to fishing, boating and sailing, kayaking, canoeing, trails, and harvesting of shellfish like shrimp, clams, and oysters. What other recreational activities that are popular in this area? Is there any commercial fishing on this waterway?

If someone wanted to visit or travel to this area, what is the best option for lodging such as motels and hotels?

What types of shorebirds are popular along this body of water, and what types of marine life, natural resources, and coastal habitats exist in this area?

What other information can you give us about South River NC in eastern Carteret County that we did not discuss in this article that relates to demographics and data needed for development and travel?

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