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Spring Season Months At Carteret County NC Beaches

Are the Spring months a good time to visit the Carteret County NC beaches? Yes, when traveling to the beaches in Carteret County in the Spring, expect lower prices at hotels and motels, less crowded tourism areas, and moderate temperatures.

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We hope readers will use this article and the discussion form below to engage and talk with us about the local area when considering a family vacation before the tourism season begins. Below, we’re going to discuss just some of the many benefits when you travel to our local area on vacation, but we hope you’ll share your experiences with us using the same form below. Who knows, we may even add your suggestion to this list. Also, be sure to share this article on social media so others can learn more about the NC beaches and the Crystal Coast.

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Key Points

  • Local beaches are much less crowded offering you a great chance to walk and relax in your own paradise.
  • Motels and hotels are a little less expensive than what they are in the Summer and Fall.
  • Early Spring is considerably less hot and humid for those not used to our climate.

Spring Is Actually A Great Time To Visit And Travel To Our County

Note: Tourism season is generally considered June through Labor Day weekend in September and after kids go back to school. For this article, we’re focused on late March, April, and May. And, early in this season, some places will not be open. Be sure to use the form below to let us know if you agree with the information in this document.

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While March will not be a good month to jump into a bathing suit and lay on the beach, this is still a great time to explore and walk many of our secluded and remote beaches and barrier islands without a lot of crowds. Still expect some chilly days, but we think comfortable enough to still enjoy walking the downtown waterfront areas in Beaufort and Morehead City.

March is a GREAT time for family vacation travel to our area, especially for kids who love to look for rare and intact seashells. Why? storms and dredging done in the Winter months will uncover new treasure to find before the brunt of the crowds come to our area.

For March, look for things to do and places to see which are not on the water as the wind off the water will still be pretty chilly.


For me, April is a good time to live in Carteret County. This time of year the cold weather is leaving us and there is a hint of warmer weather, but still not quite ready for sunbathing on the local beaches. In the late part of the month we think the weather will be warm enough to enjoy boating and finding shark teeth along the beaches and waterways, but not for swimming.

In April, you’ll see more and more businesses opening and getting ready for tourism season, and there is a bit more activity in entertainment areas of downtown Morehead City and Beaufort.

April is a great time to travel to the down east portion of our county and learn about the rich traditions, culture, and heritage of living off the land and commercial fishing. And, it’s a great time to visit the N.C. Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.

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In May, things really start to get busier in Carteret County NC as the official tourism season is about to get underway.

We really encourage you to walk or take a tour of the Beaufort NC historic district, old homes, and their gardens to see the Spring flowers coming alive. The azaleas and wildflowers in the historic district are quite remarkable to see this time of the year.

In May, for the most diehard and committed, the late part of this month is tolerable for swimming in the ocean or being out on the water in a boat. And, it’s definitely a great time to catch the passenger ferry over to Shackleford Banks to see the wild horses and lighthouse at Cape Lookout.

May is when you’ll find most entertainment and restaurant businesses fully open and ready to take on the full tourism season.

Do you agree with our assessments of Carteret County in the Spring season? How does our area compare to Springtime at beaches in other states and places? Let us know below. Is March, April, or May your favorite time of the year?

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