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Starting a Business Using Internet Marketing For Economic Development

The concept of Internet Marketing is simply a catch-all term used to describe different marketing modalities businesses can use on the global Internet for brand awareness, to gain relevancy in an industry, and to build relationships with people anywhere to get them excited about an entity’s products and services.

This is especially true for tourism dependent businesses in Carteret County who see visitors from all over the world during tourist season, but then experience tough economic times during the off-season.

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Prior to the modern Internet, when starting a business, an owner focused primarily on TV and radio ads, newspaper ads, billboards, magazine ads, and good old fashioned legwork. If you were in business prior to the Internet, or still use these marketing techniques, you know that it is extremely expensive especially if doing so in many geographical regions.

Today, a Carteret County business can reach just as many people on the global Internet using concepts like content marketing from a corporate website or ecommerce website, social media marketing, video and audio marketing, and others at no cost if the owners of the business and all management staff understand good use of advanced Internet marketing.

When spending money on advertising, and using Internet technology, a business owner can spend money on marketing that is strictly targeted using keywords and key phrases locally, regionally, statewide, nationwide, or globally and pay one price instead of premium pricing in each individual geographic area.

Simply put, using the modalities of Internet marketing allows a local business to reach and continue to build relationships with consumers all over the world, twenty four hours a day, at no cost if done right.

This website is a perfect example of just how many people you can attract using the Internet alone. Even though we are not in the business of marketing for other businesses, or have a product to sell, in just 3 months using strict and hourly Internet marketing, we are attracting 1,000 unique visitors to this website today. Our projections are 10,000 per day by the start of next summer. And, we are doing it for only $20 a month.

When local businesses start creating more content on the global Internet centered around Carteret County and it’s communities, this content acts as a natural data funnel in searches done by people all over the world and gets them interested in this community, investing in the community, it’s people, and culture.

This is the definition of economic development.

Using the comment form below, can we please have a discussion about this topic for the success of your business, the success of local businesses, and the success of those of us living here?

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