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What States Border NC To The East, South, West And North?

What states border NC? There are a total of 4 states which border NC including South Carolina to the South, Georgia to the Southwest, Tennessee to the West, and Virginia to the North. The Atlantic Ocean is directly East.

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Bordering States of North Carolina (NC) Discussions

Adjacent cities and towns:

In South Carolina (SC) listed last

  • Ocean Isle Beach and North Myrtle Beach.
  • Laurinburg and Bennettsville.
  • Charlotte and Rock Hill.
  • Brevard and Spartanburg.
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In Georgia (GA) listed last

  • Murphy and Blairsville.

In Tennessee (TN) listed last

  • Waynesville and Gatlinburg.
  • Banner Elk and Johnson City.

In Virginia (VA) listed last

  • Mt. Airy and Lambsburg.
  • Eden and Ridgeway.
  • Yanceyville and Danville.

County Information

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The bordering states of Virginia and South Carolina share a coastline with NC and have their own mountainous region to the West.

The states of Tennessee and Georgia are land-locked.

The state with the largest square miles along the border is Virginia, with Georgia being the least.

The Appalachian Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains border SC, GA, TN, and VA.

The Outer Banks of NC border SC and VA.

State Area Codes


What are some well-known airports with commercial airline service along the border of these states?

What are some well-known attractions and public interests?

What are the major interstates and highways servicing the mountain, coastal plains, and central region of the state?

Which of these areas have you visited in the past? Which have the greatest likelihood for major growth and development?

What prominent national forests straddle each of the adjacent states listed in this document?

Which areas are considered the most remote and challenging to travel compared to the Eastern coastal areas of the Outer Banks and the deep mountain ranges of the West?

What are some border towns and cities we failed to include in this document, and what makes them unique to the topic of this article?

Again, using the discussion form below, what’s some other information we failed to include in this document that people searching the Internet and doing research on North Carolina might like to know as it relates to border information?

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