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Super Bowl 2020 Highlights – San Francisco 49ers Versus Kansas City Chiefs At Hard Rock Stadium, Miami FL

Super Bowl 2020 highlights from Hard Rock Stadium in Florida on February 2, 2020 – San Francisco 49ers versus Kansas City Chiefs.

2020 Super Bowl LIV

Coach Andy Reid. AFC Champions Kansas City Chiefs (KC). Second Super Bowl win.

NFC Champions San Francisco 49ers (SF). Coach Kyle Shanahan.

Yolanda Adams sang “America The Beautiful”

Demi Lovato sang the National Anthem

Halftime Show: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira – Sponsored by Pepsi

49ers won the opening coin toss and deferred. Chiefs will receive.

First Quarter

KC opening drive kickoff run back, 3 downs and punt.

SF fumbled but recovered, offside penalty on KC, opening drive was 10 plays leading to 38 yard field goal with 7:57 left – Score: SF 3 KC 0.

SF kicked, 7 yard return. KC ran 13 plays leading to a touchdown by quarterback Mahomes with 31 seconds left. Illegal receiver downfield on KC, penalty declined. Offside penalty on SF, KC declined. Mahomes sacked. Score: Chiefs 7 49ers 3.

KC risked 4th and 1 and got first down on the 1 yard line.

KC kicked, SF returned 8 yards. SF ran 3 plays leading to interception by KC ( #21 Breeland )

Second Quarter

KC ran 1 play then got false start penalty, then SF got neutral zone penalty. KC ran 4 plays risking 4th and 1 and got the 1st down. KC ran two more plays then kicked a 31 yard field goal. Score: Chiefs 10 49ers 3.

KC kicked, SF returned 13 yards, then ran 7 plays leading to touchdown ( #44 Juszczyk ) with 5:05 to play. Score: Chiefs 10 49ers 10.

SF kicked, KC returned 14 yards. KC ran 6 plays leading to the 2 minute warning. KC ran 2 more plays then punted.

SF started at their own 20 yard line with 59 seconds left. They ran 4 plays and took the ball to the 8 yard line with a pass. SF got an offensive pass interference penalty nullifying the play.

The first half ended in Super Bowl 2020 with a tie game. San Francisco 49ers 10 Kansas City Chiefs 10.

Each team has one touchdown and one field goal. Patrick Mahomes scored one touchdown and Kyle Juszczyk got the other touchdown.

Third Quarter

SF received kickoff and returned 14 yards, then ran 3 plays when a timeout was called due to KC injury ( #21 Breeland ). SF continued for 5 plays leading to a 42 yard field goal. Score: 49ers 13 Chiefs 10.

KC received kick and returned 15 yards with 9:23 minutes left. ( #13 Byron Pringle ) holding penalty on receiving team. KC ran 5 more plays where Mahomes fumbled and loss 7 yards. KC was intercepted on next play by SF player #54 Fred Warner.

SF started at their 45 yard line with 5:23 minutes left and ran 6 plays leading to a touchdown by #31 Raheem Mostert with 2:35 minutes left. Score: 49ers 20 Chiefs 10.

Fourth Quarter

KC received the kick and returned 9 yards, then ran 7 plays where Mahomes was sacked for a loss of 8 yards. KC then ran 2 plays where Mahomes was intercepted by SF. Fourth quarter started during this drive.

SF started on their 20 yard line and ran 3 plays when they got a penalty for false start penalty on #74 Joe Staley. SF punted.

KC returned for yards 0 yards (fair catch) then ran 3 plays with 7:50 minutes remaining. KC continued for another 1 play when a false start penalty was called on #76 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. KC ran one more play where they called for a challenge on a incomplete pass call. Challenge overturned ruling on the field. KC continued for 3 plays when a flag was thrown resulting in pass interference on SF resulting in automatic first down. Touchdown #87 Travis Kelce. Score: 49ers 20 Chiefs 17.

SF received kick with to 6:06 to play and returned 9 yards. SF ran 3 plays and punted.

KC received at 5:18 to play and returned 0 yards on a fair catch. KC ran 8 plays leading to a touchdown by #26 Damien Williams. SF asked for a review. Ruling on the field stands Score: Chiefs 23 49ers 20 with 2:44 minutes to play.

SF received the kick and returned 15 yards. 2:39 to play. SF ran two plays when a flag was thrown for false start #17 Emmanuel Sanders. SF ran one more play at the final 2 minute warning. SF continued for 2 plays with 1:44 minutes remaining. SF continued for two plays and risked 4th and 10 yards and failed with 1:25 to play.

KC takes over on the SF 41 yard line, runs 2 plays when #26 Damien Williams scores a touchdown. 1:21 to play.

SF runs 2 plays then intercepted.

Kansas City Chiefs win.

Final Score in Super Bowl 2020: San Francisco 49ers 20 and Kansas City Chiefs 31.

Patrick Mahomes was named the most valuable player and is noted as the youngest player in history to win MVP.

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl 2020 win from the residents of Carteret County NC

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