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Eliminate Income Tax for Military Retirees – House Bill 83

This bill was introduced on February 15, 2021 with the primary sponsors being Representative John Szoka (Cumberland), Representative John Bradford (Mecklenburg), Representative John Bell (Greene, Johnston, and Wayne), and Representative Diane Wheatley (Cumberland).

This bill aims to end all income tax for military retirees.

On June 21, 2021, House Bill 83 was referred to Rules and Operations of the Senate.

Readers in NC are encouraged to use the discussion form found by clicking the title to have conversations about this piece of legislation.

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Bipartisan Senate Bill To Authorize And Regulate Sports Gambling In The State Being Addressed In The House

November 2021 – NC Government News

In November 2021, a committee within the NC House of Representatives is looking at a bipartisan Senate bill which would allow sports gambling in the State of North Carolina and provide for regulation.

This gambling legislation has significant support across several Republican and Democratic lawmakers who say that widespread gambling is already happening via the Internet and local bookies, and they want to control sports betting via licensing, regulation and taxation.

This bill has to go through several House committees before reaching the floor for a vote, at which point the measure will go back to the Senate for further discussions.

Do you supports sports betting in NC?


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HOUSE BILL 791 – Licensed Counselors Interstate Compact

House Bill 791 (H791) is an act to establish and enter into an interstate compact for the practice of professional counseling and to appropriate funds to assist with administrative costs.

The goal of H791 is to improve access by the public with professional counselors, enhance the state’s ability to protect health and safety, regulate multistate licenses, the exchange of more information with member states, promote uniformity between member states, and eliminate the need for multiple licenses in each state.

Essentially, this legislation seeks to provide a framework for LPCs across multiple state who have the same framework such that uniformity is achieved and can help those which seek professional counselors in North Carolina.

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SENATE BILL 146 – Teledentistry/RDH Admin. Local Anesthetic – Enact Standards Hygienist

S146 is a bill being enacted in the N.C. General Assembly which is sponsored by Senator Jim Perry and Senator Paul Lowe during the 2021 – 2022 legislative session.

As this bill works it’s way through committees, there is likely to be amendments.

S146 sets standards for teledentistry, allows for a properly trained hygienist to administer anesthetics under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist, and to allow hygienist greater flexibility without being supervised when giving some care.

Anyone interested in government is welcome to click the title and use the discussion form at the bottom to discuss this bill.

Continue reading for other bills related to nursing, DMV licensing, and cannabis legalization.

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HOUSE BILL 617 – Cannabis Legalization & Regulation – An Act To Legalize And Regulate The Sale, Possession, And Use In NC

Sponsors: Representatives Autry, Dahle, Harrison, and Hawkins (Primary Sponsors)

House Bill 617 is a wide ranging bill outlining efforts to legalize and regulate the use and possession of Cannabis in the state.

This piece of legislation outlines arguments showing over half of the population in the state reportedly using Cannabis, that several populations in the state are being unfairly arrested and convicted for use and possession, that the enforcement of this susbstance diverts funding and resources from law enforcement from violent crime, prevents jobs from being created around this potential industry, and generates revenue via taxes.

Additionally, House Bill 617 promotes further research on ethical medical use of Cannabis in NC.

Readers of this website can click on the title and use the form at the bottom of that page to have ongoing discussions related to this N.C. General Assembly action along with other government issues.

Do you support legalization and regulation?

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SENATE BILL 69 – DMV Licensing Requirements – Revise Division of Motor Vehicles Permit And License Requirements 2021

Senate Bill 69 is an act before the NC General Assembly in 2021 which seeks to revise several components of the NC driving law pertaining to those aged 15, 16, 17 to 18 years old. Specifically, this legislation seeks to address the amount of time a person with a limited learner’s permit has to drive with a licensed adult before obtaining a provisional drivers license by the DMV.

Additionally, SB69 touches on revisions what happens if a 15, 16, 17 to 18 year old driver gets a motor vehicle infraction with a learners permit or provisional drivers license, eligibility certificate or a high school diploma or its equivalent, driving log forms, and what requirements the NC DMV requires in the log file.

Readers interested in government and this bill can click the title to use our no registration discussion form to discuss this act.

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SENATE BILL 249 – The SAVE Act – Modernizing Nursing Regulations In North Carolina

NC Senate Bill 249, entitled The SAVE Act is a currently within the NC General Assembly during the 2021 session and is sponsored by Senators Hise, Krawiec, and Burgin.

The SAVE Act is a bill to modernize current nursing regulations to deliver Safe, Accessible, Value-Driven, and Excellent health care to all citizens of the state.

Readers of this document are encouraged to click on the title link and use the form at the bottom to begin discussions on this piece of legislation.

We’re especially interested in hearing from nursing professionals and practitioners in the state on how Senate Bill 249 will impact the profession and health services in our state.

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N.C. Governor Issues State of Emergency After Flooding Related To Tropical Storm Eta

November 13, 2020

NC Governor Roy Cooper issued a state of emergency for several Eastern NC cities and towns relating to flooding along rivers and other waterways as Tropical Storm Eta drenched the area earlier in the week.

Rains from Tropical Storm Eta are expected to causing cresting at many rivers in Eastern NC over the weekend of November 14 and November 15.

Officials with the governor’s office said heavy rains associated with Eta caused many water rescues, deaths, and school closures as this low pressure system moved over North Carolina.

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NC Attorney General Josh Stein Files Federal Lawsuit To Counter Trump Administration On Oil And Gas Exploration And Seismic Testing Along The NC Coastal Beaches

September 2020 Government And Legislation News

On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, NC Attorney General Josh Stein filed a federal lawsuit to stop five companies in NC from gaining permits to begin oil and gas exploration along the NC coastal regions using seismic testing after the Trump administration opened the door to this type of exploration.

Environmentalist say that seismic testing is the precursor to fracking which has unimaginable negative consequences for marine life, aquatic life, sea turtles, and other habitats along the coast.

Attorney General Josh Stein says that this issue is non-partisan given that many municipal leaders along the coast, and who are from large Conservative centers, are opposed to any legislation opening the door to offshore drilling, fracking, and technologies that use mechanical devices to harm natural habitats simply for energy production from fossil fuels.

Filed under government local news and reports that impact regions along the Crystal Coast near Carteret County NC.

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County Commissioners To Hear About Duke Energy Report On A Industrial Park At Radio Island

(August 2019 News) On Monday, August 19, 2019, Carteret County Commissioners will hear from Duke Energy officials on a report outlining the need for an industrial park at Radio Island. This report is part of the “Duke Energy Site Readiness Program” which outlines their plans to develop industrial parks around North Carolina to aid in their readiness programs.

This readiness program is likely due in part to hurricane and tropical storm events that happen in Carteret County which will allow Duke Energy to already have resources stored here.

Any industrial park on Radio Island will require a special use permit. Currently the NC Port Authority owns the property in question. Commissioners will hear about traffic ingress and egress in to the island, structural components of the park, and other information.

EOF: NC Government, County Commissioners, Duke Energy.

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Representative Pat McElraft Reverses Decision To Run For The NC House In 2020 After Pine Knoll Shores Mayor Ken Jones Drops Out

(August 2019 News) After signalling that she will not run for re-election to the NC House in 2020, Representative Pat McElraft has announced that she will be a candidate for state office after Pine Knoll Shores Mayor Ken Jones dropped out of the race.

McElraft is currently in her 7th term at the NC House.

Initially, the Representative said that her decision not to seek office again was due in part to health concerns over her husband, but her announcement included a statement that her husband’s health has gotten better and she is ready for 2020.

Representative McElraft represents the citizens of Jones County and Carteret County, and lives in Emerald Isle NC with her husband.

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David Rief Tapped As New Town Administrator In Cedar Point NC

(August 2019) Officials in Cedar Point NC have announced that David Rief will be the new town manager effective October 1, 2019. Rief will replace outgoing manager Chris Seaberg who resigned to take the same position in Swansboro.

David Rief is an attorney, former town planning director, permit officer, and building inspector for the town so he is no stranger to local government.

Mayor Scott Hatsell is on record as being excited about this announcement and thinks that Rief’s planning experience will be a big asset to Cedar Point residents and businesses.

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Atlantic Beach NC Town Hall Offices, Phone Numbers, And Government. Mayor’s Information, Utilities, Fire, Police, Planning, Inspections, And Zoning Links

Information on Atlantic Beach public utilities, tax collector, fire/EMS/law enforcement offices, the Mayor’s office and other public information about the government in this Carteret County NC town.

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Cape Carteret NC Rejects Form of Government Petition

( Carteret County News and Information) – August 2018 – The Cape Carteret NC commissioners voted recently to reject a petition started by area residents to change the town government format from mayor-council format to council-manager format. The rejection was announced citing legal reasons in how the petition was started despite the NC State Board of Elections saying the petition is valid.

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