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Wildlife Resources Commission To Re-Stock Coastal Rivers With White Catfish After Predatory Flathead Species Decimated Their Population

NC Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) news on the re-stocking of white catfish is state coastal rivers.

In September 2021, the WRC released 150,000 white catfish in to coastal rivers in Eastern NC to replenish numbers lost to predatory flathead species which are not native to the state. Specifically, white catfish have been absent from coastal rivers for several decades due to the flathead catfish species.

An immediate concern our staff noted about this is, why did biologist just ring the dinner bell for the predatory non-native flathead species instead of dealing with that population in order to bolster the survival of the native white catfish?

Let is know in the comments below.


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Living Shorelines And Natural Materials To Decrease Pollution And Erosion While Enhancing The Environment

We’re excited to learn about living shorelines built from natural materials in coastal regions where stormwater runoff, man-made pollution, erosion, decreasing fisheries, and threatened marine habitats are being impacted by humans and an increase in tropical weather.

These shorelines represent a new approach over traditional bulkheads and seawalls which are actually shown to increase erosion, and who’s existence does nothing to promote fisheries, habitats, and aesthetic value of coastal estuaries and marshlands.

This new approach uses planted grass and other natural materials like oyster shells to aid not only fisheries and habitats, but by providing a more effective way to filter pollutants and promote the natural environment.

To learn more about water quality in NC, and how this new approach is being utilized locally, please visit our page on living shorelines in NC to learn more and get involved.

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What Is The Largest Natural and Most Shallow Lake In North Carolina?

The largest natural and most shallow lake in the State of NC is Mattamuskeet Lake on the Outer Banks.

Surprised? We are too.

Living in the state for 53 years, I’m aware of many of the big lakes in the Triad, and many in the western part of the state. But after doing some research on Lake Mattamuskeet for the linked article, I discovered that many of the lakes near the triad are man-made, and that while most in the western NC mountains are natural, Mattamuskeet beat out those by a few square miles in size. And, I was really shocked to learn that Mattamuskeet averages only 2-3 feet in depth.

Click the title link and use the discussion form at the bottom to talk with us about this topic.

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Discussions On Water Quality, Pollution, And Coastal Habitats

September 2020

Public discussions on stormwater runoff management and it’s impacts on water quality from pollution on coastal habitats and ecosystems along the coast where flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes are a consistent threat.

What are the impacts on commercial fishing and tourism? How are local governments in the state addressing pollution free waterways? What are the unique impacts on beaches, the ocean, rivers, sounds, and bays?

Use our no registration comments and discussion thread by clicking the title link.

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Neuse River Information In Eastern NC Waterways

September 2020

The Neuse River is a large estuary of the Pamlico Sound that extends in to New Bern NC with many attached bays, creeks, and rivers.

Please visit our article on South River to learn more about just one of these waterways in Eastern NC and to learn more about tourism, ecotourism, places to see and things to do on the water.

Please be sure to ask questions and offer information on the linked article if you know other information about the Neuse River and the river we linked.

Information we are looking for is boating and sailing information, natural resources, campsites and RV parks, fishing guides, walking trails, local area wildlife refuges, opportunities for birding, and photography.

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Tidal Estuary Information In Eastern NC

A estuary is a widening body of a coastal river as it approaches the sea and contains a mixture of fresh water and saltwater (brackish). Additionally, a estuary typically has a network of smaller rivers, creeks, and other waterways that connect to it.

A tidal estuary is simply one that is affected by tides.

In this article, we are going to focus on an important large estuary in Eastern NC that serves as an important landmark for living shorelines, maritime ecosystems, saltwater marshes, commercial fishing, and the harvesting of shellfish like clams, shrimp, and oysters.

Please use the title link to enter our discussion area so that you can input information in to this learning resource.

Furthermore, we are urging you to review our article on NC energy production as this coastal region is seeing a large push for energy companies to begin drilling, seismic blasting, and fracking of natural resources to gain energy from fossil fuels. How will energy production of NC water resources affect natural habitats and maritime ecosystems in the state?

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State Enforcement, Regulations, And Restrictions Versus Making A Living Fishing And Harvesting Shellfish

September 2, 2020 – NC Water Quality Article

Topics include laws, regulations, restrictions, and enforcement of recreational and commercial interest versus environmental concerns and the conflicts these two areas create for each other in coastal regions along the North Carolina coast, barrier islands, and waterways including estuaries, rivers, and bays.

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The Importance Of Regulations, Standards, Laws, And Education On Coastal Bodies Of Water In NC

July 2020

As populations grow in rural areas of Coastal NC, there is an emerging impact of rivers, estuaries, sounds, and beaches where a balance of conservation and environmentalism will have to butt heads with commercial interest that want to see growth and development at all cost.

Ecosystems from vulnerable sea turtles, living shorelines, other marine mammals, and decreasing land masses will need to be watched closely.

Additionally, climate change considerations on the growing threat of more frequent and strong tropical storms and hurricanes will need to be monitored.

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NC Marine Debris Action Plan – Keeping Waterways, Estuaries, Rivers, Sounds, and Beaches Clean

February 25, 2020

NC water related efforts in Eastern NC to educate and implement new objectives to help clean marine debris from coastal North Carolina estuaries, rivers, beaches, sounds, and other waterways where there exists a fragile ecosystem for marine life including endangered and threatened sea turtles.

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Carteret Big Sweep Teams Up With Ocean Conservancy For Coastal Cleanup

(September 2019) Carteret Big Sweep has announced that they are teaming up with Ocean Conservancy for the 34th International Coastal Cleanup this coming weekend.

Local officials are asking businesses, municipalities, and volunteers to help with this event by removing trash and debris from area beaches, waterways, lakes, rivers, parks, and roadways in an effort to protect the environment and beautification.

Last years efforts in tandem with the national effort, the Carteret community helped remove over 53,705 lbs of trash from area natural resources.

Filed: Carteret Big Sweep, Ocean Conservancy, natural resources cleanup

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Commissioner John Nash Announces $1 Million Grant For Cedar Point Recreational Park

(September 2019) Commissioner John Nash has announced that the Town of Cedar Point NC will receive a $1,011,756 grant from the N.C. Clean Water Management Trust Fund to help fund a local recreational park along the White Oak River.

The Town of Cedar Point worked with the N.C. Coastal Federation which is a state program to help local governments and non-profits help to protect water quality.

Mayor Scott Hatsell is on record as saying that town clerk and interim town administrator Jayne Calhoun was the driving force behind the grant application.

Commissioner John Nash routinely talks about the proposed recreational park and other issues that are important to Cedar Point residents on his Facebook page.

Filed: Western Carteret News

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The Boathouse At Front Street Village In Beaufort NC Sold To Florida Based Marina Company

(August 2019) Wendi and Bucky Oliver have announced that they have sold The Boathouse at Front Street Village in Beaufort NC to Southern Marinas which is based out of Florida. The Oliver’s have owned and operated The Boathouse since 2008.

Sitting at the East end of Taylor’s Creek, The Boathouse offers boaters convenient access to the intracoastal waterway and is frequented by boaters on the way to Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout.

Local Area Attractions

There is no word on whether Southern Marinas will continue to offer dry stack storage, and the other services the Front Street Village experience offered. In a press release to the Carteret News Times, Mr. Oliver was quoted as saying that he feels the employees of the business will benefit from this acquisition as Southern Marinas has an extensive background in running marinas.

End Of File: Beaufort NC

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Radio Island Public Beach Access In Beaufort NC And Carteret County

Tourism information for visitors to the Radio Island public beach access in Beaufort NC and Carteret County. This area offers a calm water/no waves swimming area for children along the Beaufort inlet, public showers, public restrooms, ample parking, and trails through the sand dunes to access different vantage points of the area. This is also a great fishing spot.

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Rip Currents Red Flag Warning for Carteret County NC Beaches. Do Not Swim!

Each year, several people drown in rip currents along Carteret County and Crystal Coast NC beaches, and many happened while red flag rip currents warning were posted by beach officials. We believe these deaths are completely preventable with some knowledge and education on this subject. This article will hopefully help those visiting the area to understand what a rip current is, how to avoid them, and what to do if you find yourself in one.

Water events, information, and news.

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