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Migratory Birds, Waterfowl, Geese, And Ducks Along Eastern NC Waterways

Our article on Carteret County national forest and wildlife refuge focuses on readers alerting us to information about migratory birds, shorebirds, ducks, geese, and other species to the Cedar Island refuge and Croatan forest in Eastern NC.

If you want to discuss general information about migratory birds at lakes and rivers in Central and Western NC, then please click the title link and submit your information and it will be added to this database.

If you would like to submit your official group of bird watchers, please fell free to add them.

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Discussions And Information On Estuarine Fish Habitats

September 2020

An estuary is a meeting of freshwater and saltwater and the result creating a brackish mixture that is unique to areas along coastal and Eastern NC.

In this discussion thread, we are looking for information on the species of fish that are typically found in estuaries, along with information on spawning, hatcheries, fisheries management, and what makes these fish unique.

Additionally, we are interested in conditions that make estuarine fish habitats vulnerable and ways that marine biologists, scientist, and researchers are working to help species from brackish waters thrive.

Please click the title link to enter our no registration comments and discussions area.

If you are a marine biologist or working on your PhD at UNC Marine Sciences, Duke Marine Lab, or NC State Marine Fisheries and wish to have discussions using your verified credentials, please contact us.

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Natural Habitats And Resources Along The Neuse River In Eastern NC

September 2020

Questions asked and answered in our South River article as it relates to local area resources, natural habitats, migratory patterns of waterfowl along this Neuse River waterway in Eastern NC, different types of shorebirds, fish, shoreline marine life, vulnerable and protected sea turtles, and information on harvesting of shellfish like shrimp, clams, and oysters.

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Protecting Natural Wildlife Habitats In Coastal NC Ecosystems

February 25, 2020

Coastal NC has a very unique and fragile ecosystem for aquatic and marine wildlife and natural living shorelines.

In the past few years, and brought on by cleanup after hurricanes Florence and Dorian, pollution and contamination was unearthed and now there is a new collaborative effort along the Crystal Coast to help educate, implement, and enforce better standards for debris that threatens wildlife and nature in areas such as Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke Island, Cape Lookout, Shackleford Banks, and other beach regions that have vulnerable habitats such as sea turtles.

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Carteret County Relationship To Shackleford Banks (Island) In NC. How To Get There?

What is the relationship to Carteret County in NC to Shackleford Banks (Island) and how do you get there? Visitors guide and tourism. Learn more about the wild horses living within this ecosystem and other nature that supports this coastal habitat.

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Calico Creek in Morehead City NC (Carteret County)

Visitors information on Calico Creek in Morehead City NC (Carteret County) which is an area just down 20th street from Arendell St and contains a great area for fishing, kayaking, nature walk, bird watching, cast netting, and photography. In the summer months this is a great place to get incredible sunset pictures as everything lines up perfectly. This is also a great place to see many coastal shorebirds that inhabit the area.

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Atlantic Beach NC Attractions, Interest, and Events – Things To Do, Places To See And Stay, And More

Articles related to the community of Atlantic Beach NC on the beautiful Crystal Coast of Carteret County. Article interest include information on Fort Macon State Park and Civil War fort, the town park splashpad, putt putt golf, and skateboard park, information on bars and restaurants near the circle, fishing at Oceanana Pier and beach fishing, and other beach related information. Contains information on nature and wildlife for this coastal habitat.

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