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Tar River Information In Eastern NC Near The Pamlico Sound

Where is the Tar River in Eastern NC? The Tar River is a 215 mile long natural resource beginning in Person County near the VA border and winds it’s way southeast through Washington, Greenville, Tarboro, Rocky Mount, Louisburg, and other smaller cities and towns in the coastal region near the Pamlico Sound.

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It should be noted that this river turns in to the Pamlico River in Washington NC before extending in to the Pamlico Sound. For this article, our goal is for readers and visitors to this waterway to use the no registration form at the bottom to tell us about recreation and tourism along this body of water, cities and towns which are located along it’s banks, flooding, national forests, wildlife refuges, and other environmental ecosystems near this area, fishing in this region, information about it’s history, and any other information and demographics about the Tar River someone visiting might like to know.

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River History, Recreation, Things To Do And See

Considering kayaking canoeing, tubing, fishing, boating, nature photography, and bird watching, what types of other recreation happens at certain locations along this waterway?

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Where are some known boat ramps that people can put a boat in to the water? What are some cautions and things to remember when navigating on waters in this local area?

What is the history of the Tar River and it’s access to the Pamlico Sound and Atlantic Ocean? What significant historical landmarks are located near this body of water? What are some significant things to see and do for visitors?

Local South River

Considering tourism, what restaurants, hotels, motels, RV parks, campgrounds, and other lodging are available to visitors and travelers?

Other than Louisburg, Rocky Mount, Washington, Greenville, and Tarboro, what other smaller cities and towns does this river run through?

Which NC counties does this area run through, and how important is this river to the economy of the cities listed above and other cities? What types of employment are supported because of this waterway?

When considering recreational fishing, what species of fish are typical caught along the banks of this body of water as it winds it’s way inland versus fish caught closer to the Pamlico River? Are there any commercial fishing opportunities closer to the coastal branch of this waterway?

What major interstates and highways does this area intersect with?

What significant national forests, wildlife refuges, and state parks does this area flow through?

Local Neuse River

We know the Tar River in NC has a history of flooding, and that Hurricane Floyd caused historical flooding many years ago. What specific locations along this body of water are known for flooding during heavy rains, nor’easters, tropical storms, and hurricanes? As new storm systems impact this region, we will update this page.

Are there any tour boat companies that take people to various locations within this waterway? What major branches of this body of water are there?

What is some other information, data, or demographics someone visiting the Tar River in North Carolina might need to know before traveling to this Eastern NC area? What questions do you have?

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