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Things To Do In Atlantic Beach NC For Kids And Families – Parks, Shopping, Movies, Restaurants, And More

What are some things to do in Atlantic Beach NC for kids and families who are visiting this Crystal Coast community in Carteret County? Well, let’s explore some possibilities now. And, if you discover things we miss, use the comment form at the bottom of this article to let our readers know about it.

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Splashpad, Mini Golf, and Skateboard Park

Located at the town park in Atlantic Beach across from Bojangles on Hwy 58 is a focal point of fun things to do for kids. Features include basketball courts, kids playground with swing sets, water fountain, mini golf (putt putt), and a very advanced skateboard park. There is also a concession stand available to get refreshments.

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Visit Fort Macon State Park

Located at the east end of the island is Fort Macon State Park which basically has two parts 1) The bathhouse and 2) Civil War fort and beach access.

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The bathhouse area offers beach access, concession stand, showers, and lifeguards on the beach. The civil war fort park of this state park is a great place to learn more about NC coastal history in colonial days, and to try your luck with fishing from the beach.

Oceanana Fishing Pier

If your luck in fishing from the beach just isn’t there, then Oceanana Fishing Pier is another great option for those families that love to fish together. This attraction offers a restaurant, fishing rod and reel rentals, and bar. They also have paid beach access opportunities.

Learn To Surf

Learning to surf can be really fun and there are many surf shops that offer board rentals. Additionally, most surf shops have lists of locals who offer lessons on how to surf. It is great fun, great exercise, and unlike anything you can experience.

Go Beach Fishing

This is a great activity for families to sit on the beach, relax, and enjoy their time together. All you need is a pole, fishing license, some bait, a carolina rig (bottom fishing) and you are ready to go.

Visit The Aquarium

While technically not in Atlantic Beach (in Pine Knoll Shores), the Aquarium is a must TO DO for any family visiting the Crystal Coast for the first time. This attraction is easily a 1/2 day excursion. The Aquarium has a great otter tank, shark tank, and dinosaur exhibit as well as educational tools to help learn about aquatic life.

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Hang out at Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is located across from the town park on Hwy 58, and in the same vicinity as Table 9 restaurant, Bojangles, and Food Lion. Atlantic Station offers many things to do for kids and families. Some ideas are seeing a movie at the cinema, playing laser tag, eating pizza, or enjoying ice cream. There are some great local beach type shops in Atlantic Station as well.

Play Volleyball On The Beach

Located at the circle is a public beach area with lifeguards and the town has erected several public volleyball courts. Go play!

Catch Ghost Crabs at Night

Walking the beach at night is very relaxing for families, but if you carry a flashlight a whole other world opens up for entertainment for the kids. Atlantic Beach is full of ghost crabs that come out at night and kids LOVE to chase them. They are NOT edible though.

So, in your experiences, what are some things do do in Atlantic Beach NC for kids and families that we missed? Use the comment form below and let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Things To Do In Atlantic Beach NC For Kids And Families – Parks, Shopping, Movies, Restaurants, And More

  • May 8, 2020 at 10:53 pm

    I love the fact that Atlantic Beach isn`t another Myrtle Beach. I love that our kids can just experience nature at it`s best without all the noise and distractions of a larger commercialized beach. I think the natural beauty of our beaches is breathtaking. We are blessed with what we have.

  • October 28, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    We were at the beach in the Summer of 2018 and our kids loved hanging out at the pizza place, playing laser tag, and at the cinema at night and then over to the town park for the splashpad during the day. Not as many things to do in that area compared to other beaches like Myrtle Beach and Wrightsville Beach but I kind of enjoy the kids experiencing less of a tourist trap.

    I hope everyone faired well with the storm.


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