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Things To Do And See When Visiting Asheville NC – Major Attractions Discussions

Public discussions directory on Asheville NC things to do and see, along with major public attractions and destinations someone visiting the local area may want to learn about. This directory is for anyone living in the area, or someone planning to visit with their kids and family and needs a place to ask questions.

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Basically, using the discussion form below and using the data in this article, tell us everything we need to know about Asheville NC.

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NC Visitors guide mountains
Western NC Mountain Region

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Museums And Art Galleries

What are some popular museums and art galleries in Asheville NC? Using the form below, tell us which focus on the local history of the city and county versus those that focus on the history of the state and mountain region. What are some well known artist in the local area that routinely hold events at their gallery? Are there any museums that hold weekly seminars or exhibits as a learning series that families and kids might like to enjoy?

Craft Beer And Microbreweries

OK, so this one definitely isn’t for kids, but what are some local Asheville NC establishments to get some good local craft beer? Or, tell us about local microbreweries that make their own beer and serve it locally? Do any of these establishments offer other themes incorporated in to their business? What are some well known craft beer IPAs that are made in the area? What are some that have won awards and distribute their beer statewide or even nationally? What are some local establishments that have live music on weekends?

Community Theater, Musicals, And Plays

What are the locations and addresses of local community theater groups that put on local musicals and plays consistently? Do any of these groups tour the state or nationally recognized? What are some holiday themed plays and musicals that take place in the county and city each year? Do any of the local theaters hold regular auditions that are open to the public?

Kids Attractions

Tell us about local businesses and places of interest that focuses on play, recreation, and learning for kids and families. These could be locations of area playgrounds, theme parks, fairs, sporting facilities, learning centers for science and math, or historical museums and art galleries themed for kids. Are there any local organized theater groups, plays, and musicals where kids can participate or audition? Are there any public skateboard parks? Places to play putt putt golf, water fountains (Splashpad), theme parks, arcades, or places to ride go karts? Any place to ride horses and go whitewater rafting that are appropriate for children?

Cultural, Traditions, and Heritage Interest

What are some local places in Asheville NC where someone visiting the area can learn more about mountain living and the various ethnic traditions and heritage synonymous with the mountain region? Are there any folk art and folk related musical festivals and fairs in the area that operate on a consistent basis? If you are local to Asheville, and using the form below, what are some traditions and heritage that are important to people living in the mountains? What is a place someone visiting would want to visit, or what did you visit?

Looking for a more beach related tourism scene?

Live Music And Bands

What are the locations and addresses of local places in the city and county that caters to live music and local bands? Are these venues operational year-around and what is the best time of year to visit these places? We know about Nikki Talley and her music, but what are some other musical artist in the area that play at local establishments and venues? How is local music related to the local culture and heritage? Who are some statewide and nationally recognized musical artist that live in the area? Which of these artist are inspired by mountain traditions?

Mount Mitchell attraction and destination
Mount Mitchell – Highest Peak In The Region

Asheville NC Whitewater Rafting Locations

We realize there aren’t any places to go whitewater rafting in the city, but where are some places that are a short drive that people visiting the local area can go and learn this sport or be taken rafting by a local guide? What is the cost to rent a raft, take classes, or be taken by a guide? What are some local streams and creeks that are famous for whitewater rafting in the area? Which are geared for families with small children, which are geared for more adventurous types, and which are geared more for experts? Are there any competition events that happen locally?

Local Area Festivals And Fairs

Where in the city is the fairgrounds located? What are some annual fairs and festivals that take place in Asheville NC annually? We know about the Mountain State Fair, but what are some others that are notable that people visiting the area might like? Which of these festivals are geared for families with kids and which are more for adults? Which focus on music or local heritage and culture? Do any focus on art and painting? Which one’s have kids rides and entertainment?

Things To See At National Forest And Wildlife Refuges

What are some local national forest and wildlife refuges in the area that kids might like to see? Which of these national forest have guided tours, trails, ATV access, and have streams and lakes in them? Where are some great places to see indigenous wildlife and natural scenes? Are there any Asheville museums that focus on area natural resources? Where is a good place to go bird watching or paddleboarding (SUP)? What are some notable nature trails in the area or region that gives a visitor really great mountain scenic views?

Things To Do On Local Lakes

What are the names of some local lakes that are a short drive from Asheville NC? What are some good lakes for people to kayak and canoe? Where can you find mountain waterfalls in the local area? Which of these waterfalls offer guided tours deep in to the mountains? What are some popular lakes where locals go in the Summer to go boating, ride jet skis, or water skiing? What are some good lakes to catch fish? What are some other things to do on area lakes?

ATV Trails And Off Road Vehicles

Where are some places in local Asheville NC that are specifically set aside for ATV trails and off road vehicle traffic? Are there any long trails in the area, or national parks and forest, where ATV vehicles are allowed? Are there any guided tours? Where are some local places that someone can rent a ATV for the day?

Things To See At National Parks

What are the names of National Parks in the Asheville area and what are some specific things to see that you recommend? If you visited the local area, what are some things you did at area National Parks? Which of these areas offer camping and access by recreational vehicles? Which have wildlife refuges and nature walks? Where are some places to see elk and other indigenous animals? What is the history of National Parks in the area? Are there any events in the area put on by park rangers that kids and families might enjoy?

Camping And Recreational Vehicles (RV)

Where in Asheville NC can you go camping with a tent deep in local forest or mountains? Which of these campgrounds have access for recreational vehicles (RV) that have electricity, running water, and Internet access? Which of these camping sites sit along area lakes and national forest? What are some good sites for the more experienced outdoors person? Which local camping areas have good fishing opportunities?

Sporting Events and Sports Teams

When visiting Asheville NC, are there any opportunities to see major sporting events? Is there a national football team, basketball, or baseball? Are there any local minor league sports teams that play at the state level? Are there any stadiums in the area that host local soccer games? What are some other opportunities for local sports related entertainment?

Asheville winery location
Foothills Winery

Mountain Hiking And Walking Trails

When visiting Asheville NC, what are some beginner, moderate, and expert mountain hiking trails that are recommended? Where are their locations, what are their names, and general directions? Which are more geared for walking and running? Which trails also allow for ATV vehicles? Which are good for seeing local wildlife such as deer and elk? Is there any opportunities for guided mountain hiking and who do you recommend? Do any allow for horseback riding?

Things To See On The Blue Ridge Parkway

When visiting Asheville NC, where are some of the best scenic views and roads to travel so see the rolling hills and mountain views on the Blue Ridge Parkway and are close to the city? Which views offer the best viewing in the Fall months when the leaves are changing to orange, red, gold, and yellow? Are there any visitor centers or places to park along the Blue Ridge Parkway where visitors can get out and walk trails and see wildlife? What else can you tell us about this parkway?

Ski Resorts and Snow Skiing

What are the names, directions, or contact information for local ski resorts that cater to snow skiing? What are some noted beginner, moderate level, and expert level snow ski trails in the local Asheville area? Are there any training facilities in the area? Other than Winter months, does the area see enough snowfall in late Fall to still snow ski? What advice or recommendations can you give for skiing in the area? Or, if you visited this area in the past, what are some good resorts in the area? What are some good cabin rentals locally?

Where To See Local Waterfalls?

What is the location and directions where people can see some of the majestic mountain waterfalls in the area? Which are deep in the mountains and can only be accessed by hiking deep in to the woods or forest? Which are accessible for handicap persons? Which area accessible only by canoe or kayak? Which of these waterfalls have natural caves that can be explored? Which are accessible for whitewater rafting?

Best Time To See The Changing Of The Leaves?

We understand that people travel to the Asheville and Blue Ridge Parkway from all over the world in the Fall months when the leaves are changing colors. What is the exact best time of the Fall season is a visitor likely to see the highlight of this event? What are some scenic areas perfect for viewing the trees and hills covered in yellow, orange, gold, and red leaves? Where are some scenic routes for people to explore on bicycles or ATVs to see the rolling meadows in valleys within the mountains? Where is a well known spot that a visitor can go to see the leaves along with extended mountain ranges? Any local tours?

Gardens And Arboretums

Asheville NC is home to the nationally recognized NC Arboretum and Gardens, but what are some other locations where visitors vacating in the area can see indigenous plants and flowers? Are there any festivals and fairs that are centered around gardens in the area? Are there any music festivals that happen at the local gardens and arboretums? What types of flowers and plants make the local area famous and can only be found in mountain regions?

Visiting Asheville Antique Stores

So this is probably one of my favorites next to whitewater rafting or mountain hiking when I visit my brother and his wife. The antique stores near Asheville are simply incredible. There is a long and storied history, culture, and heritage around mountain folks making their own furniture and living off the land. And there are an abundance of small locally owned antique stores off the beaten path where you can find wood antiques made in to just about anything. What are some local treasures you found when visiting Asheville?

Culinary Festivals And Fairs

What are some local culinary themed and related festivals and fairs put on by local restaurants and chefs in the community? Are there any state or nationally recognized chefs in the area that offer training? What are some of the best known culinary dishes and food that is synonymous with the mountain region of NC? What are some good local restaurants that cook local flavored food?

Historic Homes And Log Cabins

Another cultural and heritage related icon in the local area is the rustic historic homes and log cabins that families going back many decades built on their own. If you traveled to the mountain region, did you stay in any log cabin style bed and breakfast locations? What are some noted log cabins in the area that you found deep in the woods or forest of the region that have access to camping, fishing, or horseback riding? What are the locations of these homes and cabins?

Biltmore Estate – Historic Museum

The Biltmore Estate is a nationally recognized attraction and destination in Asheville that is a must see. This 1889 built mansion hosts tours, incredible gardens and arboretums, natural parks, and manicured landscaping. Biltmore Estate is the most noted example of a gilded age mansion.


So whether it’s finding the perfect mountain stream to go whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, or to go camping, what are some of your favorite tourism related locations to engage in these activities?

If you are in to more of the cultural aspects of Asheville NC, what are some good wine tasting events, natural museums, art shows, historic homes, Biltmore Estate events, or musicals and plays to see?

What are the best kids attractions that are geared for families?

What are some notable national forest, NC National Parks, local lakes and rivers, and wildlife refuges that allowed you to experience the natural wonders of the mountain region such as waterfalls?

Do you frequently travel to Asheville NC to snow ski or to view the annual changing of the leaves? What else is something that you think would attract someone to the local area from another state or country? What is a must see or thing to do when visiting?

Within the city, what are some notable chefs, culinary events, restaurants, or microbrewery locations to get good craft beer?

Use the discussion form below and tell us everything you know about the local Asheville tourism scene, or if you are a frequent visitor to the area, tell us about your travels to the area.

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