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Thorofare Bay NC Information Near Core Sound And Cedar Island In Carteret County

This is a detailed information and discussion article on Thorofare Bay NC near Cedar Island and the Core Sound in eastern Carteret County. Readers, past visitors to this location, and those planning travel and vacation near this body of water are encouraged to use the discussion form below to discuss everything related to this landmark. Furthermore, we hope you will share this article on the popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter so thers can learn more about tourism and travel locally.

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Detailed information and questions we hope to receive about Thorofare Bay NC include recreational activities such as boating, sailing, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking on this body of water. Other information can include data about local wildlife refuges, conservation and habitat efforts, hunting, navigation on this waterway, and it’s relation to commercial fishing and the harvesting of shellfish like oysters, clams, and shrimp.

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Continuing, we hope to hear from locals about popular connected bodies of water, historical references, flooding information during hurricanes and tropical storms, and culture and heritage centered around the Carteret County commercial fishing industry and NC seafood.

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Waterway Updates

This section is maintained for news and information on Thorofare Bay NC which we receive after publication and directly relates to this body of water in eastern Carteret County.

Location Demographics And Data

This body of water sits in the easternmost portion of the county and within the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge. This waterway is directly connected to Core Sound and with the north Core Banks of Cape Lookout being directly east. Additionally, this waterway continues west near Highway 12 (Cedar Island Road) as a narrow creek connecting to West Thorofare Bay.

This bay is roughly 4.23 square miles in area.

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Tourism And Travel Discussions

Tell us about recreational activities common along this watereway as it relates to sailing, kayaking, boating, and canoeing. What specific small creeks and bays are great for exploring using a smaller manually powered vessel? What recreational activities are common along the banks as it relates to nature trails, hiking, bird watching, camping, and hunting?

Is Thorofare Bay NC only accessible by boat, or what is the nearest roadways where visitors and tourist can park and walk to the shoreline of this body of water?

What is the history of this body of water?

Since this bay is located within the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, what rules and restrictions exist for boaters and visitors?

What are some cautions to remember when navigating by boat or sailboat from Core Sound in to this waterway?

What types of marine wildlife is common along the banks of this waterway considering ducks, deer, species of fish, shorebirds, turtles, and other wildlife?

What are some cautions to remember about this bay during bad weather such as storms, hurricanes, tropical storms, and nor’easters? Is this location a flood risk during heavy rains and storm surges?

What are some must see things to do and see when vacationing or visiting this area?

What are some questions or other information we did not cover in this article as it relates to Thorofare Bay in Carteret County NC?

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