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Top Dog Wins Big Rock 2019 With 914 Pound Blue Marlin On June 15 Setting Tournament Record

The Top Dog fishing charter team has won the 2019 Big Rock Tournament with a stunning 914 pound blue marlin on June 15. Tournament officials tell us that this fish set a tournament record beating about the previous record (831 lbs) by almost 100 pounds. But here is the kicker, if you were at the Big Rock landing when this marlin was weighed, you would have noticed that the fish had two large bites in it where presumably a shark attacked the fish in the frenzy of the 5.5 hour fight it took to get the fish aboard Top Dog. These two bites easily took 50 pounds off the fish if not more.

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So let me set the scene for you if you are not familiar with the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. This annual fishing tournament takes place every year for the past 61 years in downtown Morehead City, NC (Carteret County NC) and is a non-profit charitable contest that benefits local charities. In 2019, 184 boats fished the 6 day tournament. The “Big Rock” is estimated to be the 2nd largest blue marlin tournament in the world.

The Top Dog fishing team brought their 914 lb blue marlin in on the last day (a Saturday) around 8:30 pm with only one boat remaining to be weighed. The 1st place leader of the tournament was set on the first day when Wolverine weighed in a 588.9 lb marlin.

I can tell you first hand, when this fish was immediately visible as it was pulled up the scales, even for those of us that follow sportfishing, it was almost hard to believe what you were seeing. I don’t have any information on the length of the fish and I will be interested in researching historical information to see what other landed blue marlins have weighed since records were kept.

If you are interested in seeing this monster being brought up on the weigh scales, I urge you to go on Twitter and search “top dog” big rock and going through the search results till you find the video.

This winning fish brought the fishing team a total of 2.6 million dollars.

In addition to the 914 lb winning fish, Top Dog brought in a marlin that weighed in at 464 lbs on Day 1 of the tournament. All fish caught during this tournament are by rules donated to local marine fisheries programs for research.

Given the information above, if you are looking for a proven fishing team to find you world class sport fish such as the allusive blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, and others, then the captain and crew of this vessel can safely be referred to you as one of the best most accomplished crew in the business.

If you live outside of NC and area unable to be in town in the early part of June each year, we strongly encourage you to follow the Big Rock on social media and via Big Rock TV to watch the tournament via the Internet.

Lastly, we encourage you to seek out the official website and social media pages of this fishing team to see what they are up to next!

Tight lines crew!

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    Great boat captain and crew!!!!


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