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Turnagain Bay Information Near The Neuse River In Carteret County NC

This is a information and discussion article on Turnagain Bay NC which is near the Neuse River and eastern Carteret County. Specifically, this body of water is near the down east communities east of Beaufort NC. Readers are strongly encouraged to use our discussion form at the bottom to ask questions about this area, along with adding information, data, and demographics about this bay.

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News Information

This section is maintained for news information about Turnagain Bay that we receive or learn about after publication. Additionally, you can review our local NC news reports.

Turnagain Bay NC Local Area Demographics And Data

This article continues our series on NC coastal regions along the Crystal Coast and Outer Banks.

Turnagain Bay is roughly 1.3 miles in width running east to west and this does not take in to account any creeks and forks. In length, this bay is 4.3 miles running north to sound. We have no information on the average depth of waters around this body of water.

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This body of water is formed by the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound, and has boating access to Stump Bay and Long Bay via a narrow canal called Old Canal.

This body of water sits directly next to a restricted area called Piners Island which is used by the Marine Corps for electronic bombing.

On aerial maps, we do see the presence of dirt roads in the area but do not know if these roads are on private property, or public state maintained roads. If you have information on this, please use the discussion thread below.

Extensions: The list below are areas within this bay that are unique.

Abraham Bay, Parson Creek, Old Canal, Sandborns Gut, Big Gut, Hogs Point, Deep Gut, Tump Gut, and Mulberry Point Creek.

Nearby bodies of water: Pamlico Sound, South River, Long Bay, Cedar Bay, and West Bay.

Nearby communities: Cedar Island (10 miles), South River (5.79 miles), Merrimon (9.72 miles), and Stacy (9.54 miles).

Again, we are requesting information on whether there are any public roads that take you to this body of water.

Weather Information: For current conditions, flooding, and forecast, please visit our Carteret County NC weather article.

This body of water is in the Eastern NC coastal region and is apart of a network of rivers, creeks, and bays which are formed directly by the Atlantic Ocean, Neuse River, and Pamlico Sound. This area is in the 252 area code.


What opportunities for fishing are there within this body of water and what types of fish are normally caught? Where are the closest public boat ramps people can use to access this local area?

What are special considerations when navigating waters within this area, and around this area? What size boat going from the smallest to largest can easily access this area?

What opportunities exist for hunting including deer hunting and duck hunting within this bay?

During tropical storms, hurricanes, and heavy rains, is this area prone to flooding?

What is the nearest down east Carteret County community to this body of water?

What types of recreational activities are found in this area when considering boating, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking? What types of marine wildlife and nature are typically found in this area?

What special considerations do first time visitors to this bay need to understand about the bombing range on nearby Piners Island?

Considering commercial fishing and harvesting of shellfish such as shrimp, oysters, and clams, we know that communities in this area have a deep culture around commercial fishing and recreational fishing. Do people fish these waters for commercial purposes?

What other information, or what questions do you have, about Turnagain Bay NC as it relates to the Neuse River, Pamlico Sound, and Carteret County NC down east communities that were not brought up in this article?

Aerial view on Google Maps

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