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Virtual Learning Classrooms In Carteret County NC Schools During Coronavirus

As a teacher, parent, guardian, or student, we are interested in learning from others on how effective and successful virtual online learning classrooms were during the Spring of 2020 when schools were closed because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Additionally, we are also interested in learning about challenges to online learning.

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September 3: The 2020 / 2021 school year is two weeks in and we are wondering how students, parents, teachers, other staff, and administrators are doing navigating virtual classes on their chromebooks, as well as navigating various parts of Google Classrooms, Zoom, Google Meet, and other sites the Carteret Schools use in their virtual curriculum.

Additionally, we are interested in hearing from parents and guardians on their ability to continue to work and still be a persistent part of monitoring their students online learning. How are things going?

Furthermore, we ask parents, guardians, students, and teachers to respond to the questions below so that we can learn from the unique experience of full virtual learning within the Carteret County School System.

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We realize that schools had to implement online learning overnight after Governor Roy Cooper issued his emergency order, and that administrators, teachers, and other staff had little time to plan and prepare for this event.

How different or successful do you think virtual learning would be if educators had more time to prepare and plan versus being thrust in to this situation overnight?

What are some positive things you learned from online learning that students benefited from? What are some negative things you discovered as a student, parent, teacher, guardian, or administrator?

If by some chance students are unable to return to traditional classrooms in the Fall of 2020, what changes do you think need to be made to make the transition easier for parents and students? What about for teachers?

As a parent, what challenges did you experience in having to work and find time to monitor your student’s success in using a laptop or tablet to complete assignments? As a teacher, what are some challenges you faced?

As a teacher, did you see students being able to excel in their education for some subjects while having difficulty in other subjects?

What are some changes you think need to be made in the technical aspects of online learning within the Carteret County Schools?

Was there a disparity in success for children who have IEPs or in the EC program versus students who do not face these challenges?

Do you believe there is a future in which students in the Carteret County Schools will complete schooling online while still attending regular traditional classrooms during the day? Or, do you think traditional classrooms and teaching techniques provide the best for students?

Do you ever see a scenario where students grades kindergarten through high school will complete their entire education online?

Do you believe that some or most children lack motivation at certain ages to take it upon themselves to open a laptop to complete assignments, and that these students require a teacher or adult supervision to complete their academics and some subjects?

Are you more or less approving or discouraged by the school system using Google classrooms as the platform for virtual online learning? If discouraged, what is your reasoning or suggestions?

Again, using the comment system below, what are your thoughts and concerns to the questions above, as well as thoughts and concerns on the topic that we did not ask in our questioning?

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