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Western Carteret County NC Sees Significant Growth Evidenced By Increased Emergency Response Calls

Officials in western Carteret County located in coastal Eastern NC are noting a significant rise in emergency related calls for fire, rescue, EMS, and law enforcement response for the third year in a row.

These emergency response calls are mostly noted in places like Peletier, Stella, Cape Carteret, and Cedar Point. At a recent meeting, town officials say the likely rise in population is due to Interstate 42 and Camp Lejeune growth. Additionally, as more and more people visit local beaches in this eastern region, traffic accidents are on the increase.

In April 2021, Peletier officials noted a record number of calls for fire and EMS response.

Residents of Peletier, Stella, Cape Carteret, and Cedar Point are encouraged to click on the title and use the discussion form at the bottom to discuss growth in these communities and how it impacts fire, rescue, police, and EMS needs for this area.

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