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Western Carteret County NC Information, Growth, And Development

We want this to be an ongoing discussion forum related to growth, development, and information on Western Carteret County NC as it relates to new homes and construction, population, new subdivisions, new schools, the building of new apartments and housing, and the need for updated fire, EMS, rescue, and law enforcement services in this portion of the county.

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Towns that make up this portion of the county include Cedar Point, Bogue, parts of Newport, Cape Carteret, Emerald Isle, Stella, and Peletier NC.

Counties that border these towns include Onslow County near Swansboro and Jones County near Maysville.

Significant landmarks include Bogue Sound, the Emerald Isle bridge, the Croatan National Forest, the White Oak River, Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue, Star Hill Golf Club in Cape Carteret, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Major roads include Highway 58 and Highway 24.

Closest airports include Albert J. Ellis in Jacksonville NC and Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in New Bern NC. The county airport in Beaufort does not have commercial airline service.

Law enforcement: Carteret County Sheriff’s Department, Cape Carteret Police Department, N.C. State Highway Patrol, and Emerald Isle Police Department.

EMS, Rescue, and Fire is handled by Western Carteret Fire and EMS. Carteret Health Care is the nearest hospital.

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New Population, Schools, Emergency Services, Roads, Housing And Apartment Construction, Business, And Residential Services

Two things are beginning to drive growth and development in this portion of the county. The first is the Interstate 42 corridor project which will evetually create an interstate between Raleigh and our local area. This interstate will eventually create a bypass around Smithfield (already built), Goldsboro (already built), Kinston, New Bern, and Havelock.

The second reason is Camp Lejeune in Onslow County is rapidly expanding, as is Cherry Point in Havelock.

Both of these will significantly, dramatically, and quickly create a new year-around population in the area, and will require new schools and upgrades to schools, advancement in technology and size of fire, rescue, EMS, and law enforcement in this area. Additionally, roads and highways in the area will need to be upgraded, new businesses will be created to meet the needs of a new population and tourism base, and new homes, subdivisions, and apartments will need to be created to meet housing needs.

Furthermore, new residential services such as parks, recreational areas, and entertainment will need to be addressed.


Local News

Despite tourism season being over, Western Carteret Fire District Chief Kevin Hunter reports that emergency calls for service remain high compared to previous years outlining the burden this is putting on fire and EMS. The high call volume for emergency services shows that this portion of the county in rapidly seeing major growth and development and that funding for emergency services needs to be a priority.

Considering this article being written in 2021, what types of new infrastructure are you already seeing in western Carteret County NC communities as it relates to new schools, parks, entertainment and recreation?

What are the latest thoughts on new roads and highways to address traffic and transportation?

Where in the western part of this local area is ripe for new residential construction, the construction of new businesses, apartments, and subdivisions?

We’re already seeing town officials in Peletier, Stella, Cedar Point, and Cape Carteret talking about the increase in emergency services calls, so what infrastructure and technology needs to be addressed to alleviate problems?

What types of new residential services do you see being created locally to address vacationers to the area, new residents and citizens, and military members at Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune who need housing?

What are some concerns for area beaches, the White Oak River, Bogue Sound, the Croatan National Forest, and other natural habitats and ecosystems considering new growth and development?

What is some other information about the western portion of the county which we did not address in this article?

Labor And Economic Analysis

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