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Western NC Tourism: Ski Resorts And Mountain Locations

This is an internal document open to the public which our bloggers use to focus on Western NC tourism as it relates to ski resorts and mountain locations, cities, and towns. Within this document, the public can see the framework we use to cover travel and vacation ideas, places to see, things to do, and specific landmarks we consider to be tourism related.

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As a public reader of this document, you can use the no registration document at the bottom to suggest specific cities and towns in Western NC you’d like to see covered, along with specific articles related to ski resorts and specific mountain related attractions, events, and public interest.

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Cities And Towns Attractions And Public Interest

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Banner Elk NC

To date, we have an internal article on Banner Elk NC encouraging people to tell us about this city which focuses on special events, historical markers, ski resorts near this location, specific motel and hotel related information, along with airport access to this town. Are there any RV parks and campgrounds locally?

After review by the editor, the Banner Elk article needs more information on specific local events happening within this town, along with updates about commercial airlines which service this area, and any Amtrak train service to this location.

Blue Ridge Parkway And Scenic Overlooks

Tim did a great job on the Blue Ridge Parkway article which clearly took some exhaustive research and time spent documenting distances between different scenic overlooks from the beginning of the parkway to where it terminates in Virginia. Additionally, I like the special weather cautions on this road as it relates to winter storms and snow.

For the scenic overlooks article, again Tim did a great job and even more exhaustive research and documentation and I encourage staff to review this article for any additions needed. Just off the top of my head, are there any overlooks which have trails where people can hike?

Does anyone think the Blue Ridge Parkway article needs specific documentation of motels and hotels located along this route, along with travel related airline and train service to specific locations?

Fall Leaves And Changing Colors

Clearly the fall leaves and changing colors is one the biggest tourism attractions in Western NC. I think for this article we could updates exact and specific locations where visitors to this region have the best views to experience the deep valleys and mountain ranges, along with where to see the changing leaves with snow on the ground.

Furthermore, I’d love to see specific information on where to see the fall leaves on the Blue Ridge Parkway and other scenic roads throughout this region.

Beaches Versus The Mountains On Vacation

Melanie published this article today and it was more of a engagement article asking readers to give their thoughts on vacations to the western mountains or eastern beaches. This is a brilliant article and it’ll be interesting to see what readers have to offer.

The only specific value I see which could be added to this article is what unique experiences one has when visiting the mountains versus the beach, and what specific cost value one has. Thoughts?

Cherokee NC

Kim did the Cherokee NC tourism article many months back, and I have to admit this town, along with Maggie Valley, is one of my favorite places to visit in the mountains because it’s one of the best places to see Elk roaming the forests. There are also some amazing back roads to drive with majestic overlooks leading in to Tennessee.

The only thing of value I would add to this article is travel information on commercial airlines and train service to this region, along with specific examples of motels and hotels available for lodging, and where RV parks and campgrounds are. And, if there are any ski resorts in this location, or how far away the nearest resort is. If I go to Cherokee this winter, which I likely will, then I will update the article with pictures.

Brevard NC

I was glad to see Kim do this article because I also visit this area alot since my brother and his wife live here. Brevard NC has some amazing national forests in the area with amazing waterfalls, extreme hiking trails, wilderness, nature, and music festivals. Let’s update this article with specific travel data on airlines and train service, the best times of the year to visit this area, and maybe contrast tourism between Brevard and Asheville NC.

I do love the specific attention to the progressive downtown and musc scene in this area.

Going Forward

Let’s focus more on ski resorts in the western part of the state, and specifically on towns and cities not well known where people can experience very unique places and maybe even add more information on lodging in specific ski towns in Western NC.

Amtrak Service

As a reader, what specific places to see and things to do would you like to see us focus on in future articles, and what specific cities and towns would you like to talk about using the discussion form below? What is your favorite tourism spot?

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