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What Does The Carteret County NC Occupancy Tax Fund?

What is an occupancy tax in Carteret County NC? The current 6% occupancy tax is money collected on all temporary lodging rentals such as hotels, motels, vacation rentals, and other rentals within the county to help fund tourism and shoreline protection projects like beach nourishment.

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  • August 2021 saw the collection of over $2 million dollars from this tax, which exceeded a July collection of right at $2 million.
  • August 2021 ended with 15 consecutive straight months of increases in money collected.
  • Off-season tourism and an increasing population are likely reasons why money collected is increasing.
  • Environmental protections from human pollution related to a larger population and increased tourism, along with the threat of more frequent and stronger hurricanes and tropical storms are solidifying the need for the county occupancy tax.

6% Carteret Occupancy Tax Funds Tourism And Beach Nourishment

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Request For Information: Of the 6% tax, 3% is dispersed to the county Tourism Development Authority (TDA), and the remaining 3% is dispersed to the county shoreline protection office for beach nourishment. Is this disbursement of revenues collected mandated by the county commissioners, or other legislative actions, or can this money be used for other needs in the county?

Opinion: With just at 20 years since this tax went in to effect, many of those opposed suggested it would hurt tourism and that visitors to the county would choose other locations along the NC coast to visit because of the increased cost to rent a hotel, motel, cottage, or vacation rental. Considering that we’re now in to 15 consecutive months with increases in revenues, can we lay to rest the notion that this tax hurts tourism? If you disagree, why?

Coastal Resiliency

Depending on whether the disbursement of revenues is mandated by the county commissioners to only benefit the TDA and shoreline protection office, what are some other needs in the county that would benefit from these revenues?

County Debates

As the owner of a local motel, hotel, or vacation rental, what is your view on the local occupancy tax? Do you have any direct evidence that this issue is decreasing the amount of potential visits to Bogue Banks and other locations within the county?

As someone who visits this area on vacation or weekend getaway, what are your thoughts?

As a local year-around resident, what are your thoughts?

As a business owner NOT required to collect this because your business doesn’t deal with rentals, what are your thoughts?

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Other than beach nourishment, what are some other shoreline protection office projects does this fund help support?

Using the form below, what’s some other information about the Carteret County NC occupancy tax that you want to talk about which we didn’t address in this article?

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One thought on “What Does The Carteret County NC Occupancy Tax Fund?

  • November 1, 2021 at 10:20 am

    After Hurricane Florence and Dorian, I heard people lament on the county spending millions of dollars on new sand and vegetation to fix the beaches only to have it all blown away by Dorian.

    And it is a huge loss. But it’s not the county’s fault. Imagine the massive loss of tourism money that would happen if officials did no nourishment and people came to visit and found no sand and trash all over the beaches.


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