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What Causes The Loud Booms That Shake And Rattle My House And Windows On The NC Coast? The Seneca Guns Phenomena

So, you just heard a loud boom that sounded like an explosion while sitting in your home or office near the NC coast in Carteret County and you want to know what it was because it was very loud and shook your home and rattled your windows.

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March 16, 2022: Confirmed ordinance exercises at Camp Lejeune.

January 31, 2022: Confirmed noise from military exercises at Camp Lejeune.

December 9, 2021: Confirmed USMC training at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point.

October 30 – November 5, 2021: Camp Lejeune issued a noise ordinance advisory for munitions training.

May 12, 2021: No noise advisories issued by the military, but there are many reports of booms in the local area which some can be attributed to thunder.

April 20-24, 2021: Confirmed ordnance and live firing exercises.

December 11, 2020: Confirmed ordnance and live firing exercises.

October 5, 2020: We are aware these sounds are happening right now all over coastal NC.

Chances are, if you heard this sound and you are anxious about them, you are likely new to this area and not accustomed to these sounds that typically happen in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall months.

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Or, if you have heard them, you were likely told it is a military jet breaking the sound barrier or the military at Camp Lejeune or Cherry Point practicing with bombs either on the ground or via aircraft dropping them in the ocean.

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And indeed, Eastern NC has it’s fair share of military installations from Fort Bragg, to Camp Lejeune, and Cherry Point to which one can deduct that the loud booms are military bombing exercises. After all, there are 12 documented bombing ranges just off the NC coast that the military uses.

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The good news is that an overwhelming majority of the booms we are accustomed to hearing here on the coast are attributed to military exercises.

But, there is very good evidence that many are not.

Discussions On Big Booms And Explosions Near Coastal NC County Locations

If you are a local to Eastern NC from Wilmington in New Hanover County, to Topsail Island in Pender County, up through the Crystal Coast near Emerald Isle and Atlantic Beach, and even up through the Outer Banks, you have likely heard these mysterious sounds that oftentimes are so strong that they rattle and shake your house and windows.

However, you likely discounted the noise as military exercises or have become so accustomed to the noises that you have become desensitized and don’t notice them anymore.

Typically, when these booming noises are heard, they last for many days.

So what is the point of this article? The point is that a significant number of these incidents have actually led to people calling 911 and even our local news outlets conducting investigations to which it was concluded that the military was not exercising live fire bombing in the area at the time the noises were heard.

Additionally, these mysterious sounds are documented in other areas on the East Coast especially in Virginia, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Florida.

And, there are a LOT of people that are hearing them, but became desensitized to their sounds.

The Seneca Guns

The phenomena known as the Seneca Guns were well documented along the NC coast long before planes could even break the sound barrier, or even back to before bomb ordinances could be heard many miles away from live fire ranges.

And, these mysterious loud booms have even caught the attention of the local news media, weather researchers, and geologist all of which have no conclusions on what they are.

Most speculate that they are indeed secret military operations that the military refuses to talk to the media and local municipalities about. But this would not explain people who hear them on the coast in areas with no military installations and everyone using the same terminology to describe the sounds.

Others in the area who hold advanced degrees in meteorology and geology have offered the public explanations from special atmospheric conditions involving sudden burst of winds that hit the coast to small undetected earthquakes. But, there is no official research that concluded that these types of incidents are causing the noises.

Have you heard these booms on the NC coast when living near Morehead City in Carteret County, or in Wilmington in New Hanover County? What were you always told as it relates to what causes these sounds?

What is the official explanation to the reported Seneca Guns in the Outer Banks?

What time of the year did you hear the noises? Do you sometimes hear them as distant rumbles while other times they are aggressive enough to shake your house and rattle your windows?

Are they always heard in the daytime, night, or both?

What do you attribute the noises on the coast to?

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