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What Cities, Towns, And States Border Carteret County In Eastern NC?

Planning to travel or vacation in Eastern NC and need information on what what cities, towns, and states border Carteret County NC? Good, because that is what we are going to discuss in this article.

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What are the states that border Eastern NC? To the immediate west, Tennessee (TN), to the southwest, Georgia (GA), to the immediate south, South Carolina, and to the north, Virginia (VA) all border the State of NC.

Carteret County NC is located in central NC on the Atlantic Ocean so there is nothing but water to the east. Or, I guess you could say Bermuda.

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What counties, cities, and towns border Carteret County NC? To the south is Onslow County and the cities of Swansboro, Hubert, and Jacksonville. To the north and northeast is Craven County and the cities of Havelock, James City, and New Bern. To the northwest, Jones County, and to the north is Pamlico County and cities of Bayboro, Grantsboro, and Minnesott Beach.

Aside from Jacksonville and New Bern, it’s best to characterize the other locations as small towns.

Bodies of water that border Carteret County in Eastern NC are Bogue Sound, the Newport River, Neuse River, White Oak River, Pamlico Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Major roads and highways that are in the local area and run through bordering counties and towns include Highway 24 and Highway 58 to Onslow County, Highway 70 (future Interstate 42) to Craven County, and the NC Ferry System to the Outer Banks and Pamlico County.

Local zip codes include: Morehead City (28557), Atlantic Beach (28512), Beaufort (28516), Newport (28570), and Emerald Isle (28594).

The local area code for Carteret, Jones, and Craven County is 252 while Onslow County is 910.

Zip codes for bordering counties and towns include: Swansboro (28584), Jacksonville (28540), Havelock (28532), New Bern (28560), and Bayboro (28515).

Airports that border Carteret County NC with commercial service include Albert J Ellis airport in Jacksonville NC and Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in New Bern. The local airport in the Town of Beaufort has no commercial airline service and is designated as general aviation only.

Military installations that border the county include Camp Lejeune (Marine Corps) in Jacksonville, Cherry Point (Marine Corps) in Havelock, Bogue Field (Marine Corps auxiliary landing field) in Bogue NC, and two Coast Guard station in Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle.


If you visited any community in Eastern NC or the Crystal Coast, what geographical small towns locally did you visit and that border counties and towns did you visit when traveling or vacationing in the area?

Which airport did you find most convenient?

What bodies of water did you visit locally?

Which major highways or interstates did you travel to get to the local area?

What bordering states have you visited?

What did you find most interesting about the geography and geographical boundaries in this region?

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