What Needs To Happen At The Circle In Atlantic Beach NC? Entertainment / Resort Development Or Residential Development?

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Added February 5, 2020

If you were alive when dirt was invented like I was, you remember the circle as the epicenter of entertainment in the county. Bands used to travel from all over Eastern NC to play at the clubs there and every weekend there were hundreds of people walking around socializing.

Today, well not much is happening in Atlantic Beach.

In your opinion, what needs to happen with development at the circle? Does the resort that was planned there need to get going or should that area be developed for other commercial use, or perhaps residential use?

Aside from what you think SHOULD happen, what do you think WILL happen?

Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp

Native of Carteret County NC, Father to Makayla and Savannah. You can add me on Facebook. Interest include web development, encryption, and other technologies.

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