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What Is A Peer Support Specialist? Carteret County NC Recovery

We hope this will be a ongoing local community discussion article on the role of a peer support specialist in Carteret County NC who works with people experiencing persistent mental health and substance abuse challenges on their way to recovery.

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Information we hope to learn about can include how someone gets certified to serve in this role, education requirements, availability of jobs and volunteer work in this NC county, and where people working as a peer support specialist are being utilized.

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Local Carteret County NC Peer Support Specialist Discussions

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What is a peer support specialist? A person serving in this role either through employment or volunteer work has considerable time in their own recovery from mental health and substance abuse issues, and has completed training and certification to work alongside other treatment professionals at organizations serving the community.

Carteret Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse Help

In short, it’s now understood that the best way to keep people out of hospitals and the prison system, and to get a more meaningful quality of life for people experiencing these issues, is for them to have access to someone 1:1 daily who is achieving this goal. After all, who is best able to make a connection with someone in the early stages of recovery than someone who has experienced the same issues and is now living a meaningful life each and every day?

Thankfully, the framers of this program understood that people in recovery need access to others who have shared experiences.

Questions And Answers

What types of treatment and advocacy organizations are employing and allowing volunteering by people with this certification? Which specific organizations do you want to mention?

How long is the certification program to complete, can it be done online, or does Carteret Community College offer it? What’s the cost to complete it, and is there a test you have to pass after taking the class?

If you’ve taken the class and are certified, what’s some information and data someone considering taking this class and working in this area needs to know and understand before doing it?

Do local organizations providing 24 hour, 7 day a week mobile crisis employ and utilize peer support professionals when dealing with mental health and substance abuse crisis situations?

Does anyone know if the State of NC allows for people to volunteer or work at the prison in Newport to help prisoners housed there, or at the county jail in Beaufort?

Does anyone have any specific numbers on costs in savings utilizing specialist in the community setting versus hospitalization or jail? Or, for the efficacy rate for those in the 1:1 community setting versus hospitals and jails?

Are judges in Carteret County allowing people to complete programs with specialist versus being incarcerated?

Jails, Prisons, And Hospitals Versus Community Based Programs

Would you rather see people experiencing persistent mental health and drug addition problems be treated via community based programs in our county versus within jails, prisons, and in-patient hospitals? Why, or why not?

Using the form below, what’s some other information we missed which you want to add to this article and is related to helping people in need?

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