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What Did People Do On Family Vacation In Emerald Isle NC?

Emerald Isle NC is a popular family vacation destination in Carteret County along the coastal region of the state. The intent of this article is to list some things to do for kids and adults in the town and then ask readers who have traveled and visited the area to use the comment form below to tell us about your experiences so that others planning a vacation can learn more about the area.

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Emerald Isle NC is located in the westernmost portion of Carteret County in Eastern NC and sits on Bogue Banks with the Atlantic Ocean to the South and Bogue Sound to the North. The town is one of five on the island.

Tourism Emerald kids attraction to see

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From a tourism standpoint, people love visiting this community for it’s very quiet beaches where you can walk the beach and sand dunes for hours and not see another person.

There is not a lot of commercialization and most things are owned by local families.

If you want a vacation beach trip that involves miles and miles of kids arcades, big resorts, and excitement, you won’t find it here. Emerald Isle is a very quiet, quaint southern community that people visit for relaxation and families that don’t need the entertainment that you will find in most beach communities.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do and see. The attractions and destinations in the area are simply geared differently.

Our Suggestions For Entertainment

Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier

Address: 100 Bogue Inlet Dr, Emerald Isle, NC 28594 and their telephone number is 252-354-2919. It is located on the only road on the island which is highway 58 so it is easy to find.

This is a great fishing pier that has a small restaurant and things for kids to do and is also a popular area for people to hang out on the beach.

Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier is also located in the part of the town where you will find most businesses and stores, so it is also an easy walk to most shopping areas.

Uber and Lyft do have service in this area, though there are more drivers in the busy tourism season.

Salty Pirate Waterpark

Address: 8915 Reed Dr, Emerald Isle, NC 28594 and their phone number is 252-354-2609.

The Salty Pirate Waterpark is an attraction that has a great mat slide, wading pool, kids area, arcade, and outdoor deck where you can eat ice cream and enjoy family time.

Crystal Coast Boat Rentals

Address: 6800 Emerald Dr, Emerald Isle, NC 28594 and their phone number is 252-285-0565.

If you really want to experience the splendor of the local community, then renting a boat to spend the day on Bogue Sound seeing various shorebirds, living shorelines, saltwater marshes, and secluded beaches is the way to go.

Emerald Point

In the Western part of the town from Highway 58, you will discover Coast Guard Rd. Take this road until it dead ends and there is a free public parking area. Walk towards the beach, then take a right and go to where you see a public area to enter the beach. This is Emerald Point.

In this area you can experience everything NC beaches have to offer and watch boats come and go via the inlet. There are a few small barrier islands to see, deer and other wildlife that will enjoy the beach with you, and in the Summer months it is a popular place for people to pull their boats up on the beach. This is a great place to fly a kite and enjoy a family picnic.

The Beach

As we stated earlier, Emerald Isle NC offers incredibly beautiful and quiet beaches with sand dunes you can get lost in. It is a great opportunity to see the intense sunsets we have in the area, to roam the beaches looking for shark’s teeth, to find rare intact shells, and to just walk the beach at twilight and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Aside from the various small ice cream shops, seafood restaurants, and beach stores near the pier, that is mostly what the town has to offer for kids. However, there are other opportunities within a 5 minute drive in Cape Carteret across the bridge where kids can enjoy a very large arcade and bowling area. Do your research on MacDaddys in Cape Carteret to see everything they offer.

Additionally, if you head East on Highway 58, in the small community of Salter Path and Indian Beach, there is another theme park that offers putt putt golf, arcade, bumper cars and boats, and other things to do for kids.

And, if you travel further east on Highway 58, you will come to the town of Atlantic Beach that has a historic fort and protected beach area that kids and families can enjoy.

So that’s it for our look in to tourism in the town. If you decide to visit us please bookmark and come back to this article and use the comment form below to tell us about your vacation and some destinations, attractions, and things to see that your family enjoyed while in the area.

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