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What Are Your Recommendations For Restaurants And Hotels In Carteret County NC?

Our request for information on your recommendations for hotels and restaurants in the Carteret County NC communities of Morehead City, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Salter Path or Indian Beach, Emerald Isle and Harkers Island is meant to be a community sourced document.

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Our hope is that locals who live in the local area will use the discussion form below to source three restaurants specializing in three different types of cuisine (be it seafood, Italian, Greek, etc) and then tell us why it is their favorite, and to do the same for hotels in the area while focusing on amenities and location (be it waterfront or special amenities like pet friendly locations). Also, we hope that those visiting or vacationing in Carteret County will give us their recommendations on hotels and restaurants after visiting the area.

Additionally, we hope that you will join us and share this article on the popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook so that others can learn more about the area when visiting, and to offer their insights and recommendations on this topic.

For this article, we want to focus on lodging that is NOT a bed and breakfast as we have an article planned for that alone.

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Restaurant Recommendations

Now we realize that most people who vacation or visit our area come with the idea in mind to eat as much seafood as they can, and we certainly encourage that. But, we also have many remarkable Italian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, and authentic Mexican locations in all of the county communities. Some are even buffet style.

If you ate at a seafood restaurant, what is your favorite dish considering shrimp, oysters, fish, clams, crabs, or scallops?

Which local restaurants have outdoor waterfront seating?

If you ate fish, which are your favorite? Flounder, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Tilapia, Tuna, Wahoo, Redfish, or other?

If you ate at a Italian restaurant, did anything stand out from this type of restaurant versus other places you visited or live?

While you were visiting the Carteret County NC beaches in Atlantic Beach or Emerald Isle, or even if you live locally, can you think of a style or concept that no other restaurant business is doing in the area that you think will go over well in the local area?

Some examples that come to my mind, at least for seafood, is a restaurant that will cook entrees that you catch yourself, or a package deal where a charter boat will take you inshore or offshore fishing and then cook what you catch.

Hotel Recommendations (Including Motel)

Yep, we also realize that a majority of people that visit places like Beaufort, Salter Path, and Indian Beach are going to want a waterfront hotel with views of the ocean. But in this example like above, there are some great hotels and motels in the local area that have great amenities and special views of the sound that are comparable.

So for this section, we are looking for recommendations based on whether the hotel or motel is pet friendly, or has any other special amenities like access to a fishing pier, private beach, or meeting area that swayed you in staying there.

We think the two biggest will be pet friendly locations and waterfront views either of the ocean or Bogue Sound, but if you found or know of a hidden gem in Carteret County, tell us and our readers about it.

One thing you may have noticed in the area is that at least in Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle, there are not a lot of chain restaurants or chain hotels. Did this limit your stay here or make it better? Did you enjoy any of our quaint, southern inspired family owned motels?

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