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Where Is The Best Place To Go Beach Fishing At Cape Lookout NC?

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The central coastal region of Eastern NC is a well known place for people who expect the best in a vacation spot, and our fishing opportunities offer incredible opportunities for both inland and offshore fishing when visiting.

While all the barrier islands in Eastern NC and Carteret County are great places to catch your favorite species of game fish, Cape Lookout NC is where most visitors to the area love to spend the day on the beach taking in the incredible scenic beauty the seashore has to offer.

There are literally miles and miles of sandy areas to go beach fishing in the area whether it is on the sound side of the Core Banks or ocean. If you are looking to catch flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, or anything that will take your line, this is a great place to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cape Lookout NC Beach Fishing

It is important to note that this article focuses on fishing from the beach area as opposed to from a boat. Additionally, it is important to note that this barrier island is only accessible by private boat or public passenger ferry.

map of the area
Aerial view showing the entire coastline.

Are there any tournaments that specifically focus on this island? We recognize that the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is big in this community, but we are looking for tournaments that are focused on fishing from the beach.

What season is the best time to catch fish in this area, or what season is the best time to catch flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, and other species?

Outer Banks Information For Gulf Stream Waters

We often hear about “the hook” on this barrier island, is it best to throw a line in the water on the sound side or ocean side?

What camping opportunities exist for people that want to spend a few days on the island?

Does the National Park Service have any rules and regulations that exist other than NC State laws? Don’t forget your fishing license.

Further up the coastline towards Portsmouth Island and the North Core Banks, where are some good spots either on the sound side or ocean side?

What are your recommendations for rods and reels, fishing line, and other equipment when beach fishing in this area?

What are some other species of fish that we didn’t mention in this article are fun to catch at Cape Lookout NC?

What type of bait, artificial lures, or rigs are the best for this area? Is it best to fish on the bottom or by plugging? What other techniques work best?

Or, put another way, what is the best bait, artificial lures are best for specific species of fish?

What is some other information that we failed to mention when fishing from the beach at Cape Lookout?


This section is reserved for news information as it relates to park closures, tournaments, and other information pertaining to the topic.

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