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White Oak River Information In Carteret County NC Near Cedar Point And Peletier

Information and discussion article on the White Oak River in Eastern NC near Carteret County, Peletier, and Cedar Point along Highway 58. Readers are encouraged to subscribe and use the discussion form at the bottom to add data to this article, to talk with other readers, and to talk with us.

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News Information

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Local Demographics And Data

The White Oak River runs 48 miles long from the mouth at the Atlantic Ocean and Bogue Inlet northward along Highway 58 through Cedar Point, Stella, and Peletier in Carteret County NC before terminating near Maysville in Jones County. Nearby towns include Cape Carteret and Swansboro. The east side of this waterway is located in Carteret County with the west side located in Onslow County. The northern boundaries are located in Jones County.

Nearby landmarks include the Croatan National Forest, Bogue Sound, Bogue Inlet, and the Atlantic Ocean. Major Roads along this body of water includes Highway 24 and Highway 58.

Primary opportunities for shopping, RV parks, campgrounds, and lodging including hotels and motels are along Highway 58 and Highway 24.

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Discussions On Recreation And Things To Do And See

The Croatan National Forest is a considerable landmark around the banks of this river which offers great opportunities for birding, hiking, walking nature trails, photography, and learning about local habitats and natural resources.

The White Oak River itself is a large enough body of water to enjoy boating, kayaking, canoeing, and exploring smaller branches using other watercraft.

As a past visitor to this area, what other recreational activities do you recommend for this river?


What RV parks and campgrounds do you recommend for people traveling to this river for family vacation? Which local motels and hotels do you recommend?

How far of a drive is it from any point along this river to the beaches on Bogue Banks near Emerald Isle?

Where are public boat ramps for people considering canoeing, kayaking, boating, or sailing?

What public parks are located along the banks of this river in Cedar Point, Stella, Peletier?

What types of fish are typically caught in this body of water and what types of marine wildlife can you expect to see when visiting?

What are some significant branches of this large river that people can use to explore nearby forests, wetlands, and wildlife habitats? Are there any state or federally protected wildlife refuges in the local area?

What species of shorebirds are typically found along this waterway?

What future growth and development do you see affecting the communities around this river in Carteret County as Interstate 42 comes online and the population is expected to double? How will this growth and development affect the area and nearby ecosystems?

What other questions or information do you have about the White Oak River in Eastern NC?

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